June 21, 2024

Popular rapper, Folarin Falana said he would like to marry an intelligent and highly cerebral lady who may be pretty too.

The Artist said this while feeding questions from the Sunday Scoop. He added that he is not ready to show his certificate of birth to those who believe that he is more than 27 years old.

He said “I don’t have plans for getting married right now. I’ll let it come naturally; whenever God says it’s the right time.”

Highlighting the qualities he likes in a woman, he said, “I like someone who is intelligent and highly cerebral. We need to be compatible and she being pretty wouldn’t be a bad idea.”

On the birth certificate, Falz said “I just said it as a joke. I have not taken my birth certificate anywhere or shown anybody. I don’t know why people think I’m lying about my age. All I know is that I’m doing well and I’m happy with my life.”


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