April 15, 2024

In a polity that is heated by the players of the game and the spectators of the play lies the ball tossed around for the trophy to be won. The defending champion with a huge interest in who is to take the baton from him.

The players here are the aspirant’s and the game/ball is the politics we play, our electorate our spectators and the trophy is the governorship seat where the defending champion is our leader Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola whose achievements and victories has no equal, all which are visible to the blind and audible to the deaf.

Overtime we have realized that the problem mitigating against our development and growth is our lack of consistency, continuity and general sustainability of our infrastructures and social structures. For a State or Country to develop, succeeding government must continue from where the predecessors stopped and sustain all structures and resources that are beneficial to the people.

DR LEE is a dynamic and an ardent progressive whose character can be likened to the features of Ogbeni. Ogbeni, a leader with charisma and integrity sure do need a successor who is as plain as white, DR LEE of course will be the best choice in this regard as he will bring in light, goodness, innocence, purity, perfection, safety, cleanliness, simplicity, self sufficient, positive and open government, immaculate, equality, new beginnings and a stainless government. He has clear vision and mission for the State. He’s also equipped with concise agenda and unique and carefully prepared programmes beneficial to all and sundry.

The famous writer and speaker Dr Myles Munroe says ‘the shortest distance to leadership is service ‘…in this regard DR LEE has seen all opportunities that have come before him as a service to humanity. Also he is a progressive with the spirit of selfless service to mankind.

DR LEE is a ready made product for the continuity and sustainability of the giant strides and concrete base laid by Ogbeni Rauf. A ready made product with special commitment to Youths’ Empowerment and Development

Also a ready made product with basic understanding of how things work. And a ready made product to bring back the glorious pride of Osun.

For DR LEE, it’s God’s own project.

In terms of readiness and preparedness, among all other Aspirants, DR LEE stands out.

If CONTINUITY ladened with SUSTAINABILITY is our desire in the State of Osun, then DR LEE stands out.

In a nut shell, DR LEE is an embodiment of genuine growth, development and progress.

If we must support a PARTY then it’s APC.

If we must support an aspirant then it must be DR LEE (OLOKOOBI) from IWO, the ready made product for the special assignment of serving the noble State of Osun.

Finally I will leave us with the words of Alexander the Great “Remember upon the conduct of one lies the fate of all”.


Awosusi George Abbey Obayoriade (Adebori 1)

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