July 20, 2024


George Joe writes from Akwa Ibom

One thing that projects Barr. Otobong Bob and places him on a very advantaged position in the 2019 Nsit Ubium State Constituency race, is his stance on youth empowerment. At different fora, Barr. Bob has continued to reiterate his decision to focus on youth training and empowerment. His focus is to deviate from the normal provision of motorcycles to people who can’t afford to maintain the motorbikes, all in the name of empowerment. What is the essence of empowering people in areas that won’t give their lives meaning?

There are many areas listed out by the young and dynamic Barr. Bob which will definitely influence the youths positively, and make them entrepreneurs and nation builders.

As a young person, Barr. Bob understands what it feels like to have talents, ideas and skills but no funds to get equipment to start up. It’s somewhat suicidal. He knows what it feels like to stay without school certicate, no skill and no business running. That has however informed his decision to focus on helping young persons stand on their feet as the hope of this nation. Without financial capacity, the youths cannot take their rightful place in the society. It is beyond the popular dashing out of 1000 naira for beer. This is not empowerment, rather, a mockery on the future and strength of youths

This is the main reason why Nsit Ubium youths should team up and support the man who understands them better; the man who will speak for them; the man whose major focus is the emancipation of the youths and empowerment of same.

It is incumbent on every young person in Nsit Ubium to brace up and queue behind Barr. Otobong Bob for effective representation. He will run an all- inclusive, vibrant and youth-oriented leadership. A vote for Barr. Bob is a vote for youth empowerment.

Arise, O Nsit Ubium youths and take your place. Ene Henshaw wrote a piece ” This is our chance”. Nsit Ubium youths, this is our chance. Take it now.

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