June 16, 2024

The Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide has condoled with with family of victims of Offa robbery attack, the Nigeria Police, People of Offa, Kwara state and Yoruba race worldwide.

The council in a release by its President, Aremo Oladotun Hassan, Esq. said the incidence showed that life is of no meaning to the bandits whose major job is to wreck havoc on the innocent citizens.

Hassan also described as unfortunate the fact that the attack lasted for over an hour without reinforcement from the police headquarters or military,” the statement reads.

“It is with grave heart of condolence to the families of the deceased and the entire good people of Kwara State and Nigeria, based on the unexpected signaled black day that led to the untimely death of the innocent victims killed and injured during the recent Offa Robbery, which claimed over 30 lives and left many injured, while the assailants carted millions of naira from the preyed 5 banks, with traces of sorrows, tears and blood to prove their evil and nefarious myths, and hyper-superiority arsenals over our police force by firstly daring to attack the nearest police station and stole guns and other light weapons, before embarking on their main targets simultaneously.

“This shows to prove that life is of no valued importance, and therefore meaningless to these dared-devil bandits,who killed both the old and young, male and female, police and civilian casualties where recorded.

“Most unfortunately it was informed and reported that the robbers spent over two hours unintercepted, uninterrupted and uncheckmated by any law enforcement agency nor military intervention, despite the proximity within the precinct of the SSS, Military, Naval and Airforce formation base to the crime scene.

Hassan also expressed his utmost disappointment in the Kwara state and federal governments over the nonavailability of armoured personnel carrier (APC) in the region to quench the attack as it was ongoing.

He added, “Perhaps, this goes a long way to prove that we(Nigerians) are completely doomed under this government; both Federal and Kwara State government, with all the claimed amount voted and scammed funds under the banners of security votes and defense appropriations by the FGN, yet no one armoured personal carrier (APC) was seen to quel the casualties.

This witnessed and displayed the gross insensitivity on the part of the various successive led Federal government, especially the APC/President Muhammodu Buhari regime, having voted more monies at various points in time on security and fight against terrorism crimes”.

He went ahead to condemn the recent approval to withdraw $1bn from excess crude account to procure ammunitions for the security agencies without legislation as a ” fluke and executive recklessness” which can be compared to the the misappropriation of funds spearheaded by Colonel Sambo Dansuki during the immediate past administration of President Goodluck Jonathan.

“Unfortunately, one cannot whisk away the fact that those criminals could be insurgent groups, whose motives as we know in the time past, in the Northeast region of early in days of Boko Haram attacks, where banks remains soft targets for means of accumulation of armories and funding of terrorism shelves.

“Most recently announced $1Billion unilaterally approved withdrawal from the jointly owned excess crude account for security armaments purchase fundings is better described as a fluke and executive recklessly, without any legislative consideration nor budgetary defense by the executives, having learnt how the immediate past government led by Dr Goodluck Jonathan/Rtrd. Col. Sambo Dasuki $1Billion albatross financial crime saga currently before the court, who spent similar amount prior voyage inward into election period in 2015 a similar precedence of clannished abuse of power and political rascality, and intentional repition ahead 2019 elections by the current Muhammadu Buhari’s led administration.”

“The approval if made in clear balance of people’s interests, more so in the face of abject poverty, corruption, lack of social welfare and justice rights of the people.

We believe based on the clandestinity motivated claims by the Minister of Information, Alh Lai Muhammed that the Boko Haram terrorist have been technically defeated, but to our dismay the remaining remnant could be provided with such huge funds.

“We commend the IGP’s IRT crack team led by Abba Kyrai who swung into action to arrest 7 suspected kwara robbery perpetuators of this heinous crimes from their hide out, while we further demand immediate investigation and prosecution of anyone found culpable, while demanding genuine aggressive funding of security sector, and such should as a matter of national importance and necessity be replicated in all states of the federation, especially densely crime infested localities in Nigeria.

“For the the people are too weak and have no such legit rights to acquire arms for self defence as propounded by Gen. TY Danjuma Rtrd.

We also see this as an opportunity to remind the APC led federal government of her change mantra promises to refocus her efforts on delivering a new people’s constitutional law via referendum and plebiscites that reaffirms devolution of powers, true federalism, rule of law and restructuring, where each state shall remain independently to manage its security and economy proactively and productive.

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