July 20, 2024


Former Governor of old Oyo State, Dr Omololu Victor Olunloyo has debunked rumour that he has died.

It will be recalled how the rumour of his death hit several news platforms in the early hours of Friday.

He added that the rumour mongers claimed that he died at the University College Hospital, Ibadan.
The elder statesman declared that he his hale and hearty.

The declaration is coming after speculations that the ex-governor was dead.

According to PUNCH, Olunloyo spoke at his Molete residence in Ibadan, the state capital on Friday.

Some news outlets have earlier reported on the elder statesman’s death rumor.

“I’m still here, not yet gone.” Olunloyo said.

In addition, he inquired who would live forever and voiced concern over the rumors, stressing; “Those breaking death news and the person presumed dead will all die one day.

“I’ve been lucky. My father died at 42, while my mother died at 102. I’m 89. I’ve crossed the expected life age.”

The aging statesman also provided an example of how, on June 7, 2022, rumors of his death spread throughout multiple news outlets.

He mentioned that the people spreading rumors said he passed away at the University College Hospital in Ibadan.

A few days later, his family released a statement stating that he was not dead but rather ill with an old age condition and pleading with Nigerians to pray for him to pull through the health issues.

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