July 25, 2024

Barrister Kunle Rasheed Adegoke, a leading APC gubernatorial aspirant has made it known that infrastructural development amongst other developmental project will be a cardinal goal of his administration if given the mandate to serve the people of the state.

The Osogbo- born politician made this known in his hometown while feeding questions from our correspondent, stating that the present infrastructural compositions of our urban and rural areas are eyesores to civilization, and urgent intervention must be embarked upon to ensure that the present infrastructural decay is immediately addressed with permanent institutions to change the living environment of our people.

He said “our rural and urban renewal projects will connect the two areas together for effective communication and supply of goods and services. There will be construction of roads linking the urban and rural areas for effective supplies of goods and services”

He futher stated that “Our administration will create opportunities for private developers to invest in housing development at affordable rates to the people with mortgage opportunities for civil servants backed by security from the government. Also, we will build, construct and rehabilitate roads across the nine federal constituencies in the State”

While speaking on his plan to develop the economy, he said “We will ensure that foreign investors are encouraged to establish fast rail transportation service linking Lagos to Osun to facilitate easy transportation of human beings, goods and services, across the two states. This will easily enable Osun to tap into the economic prosperity of Lagos and enhance the tax income of Osun as more people could live in Osun and be working in Lagos”

“We are going to re-design our traditional agbole communal housing system characterized by waste of land occupied by shanties and dilapidated mud structures and replacing them with modern facilities having sanitary systems and water supplies to make the environment more congenial to good living and minimize outbreak of diseases”

The seasoned legal practitioner also commended the present administration of Ogbeni Aregbesola for his giant strides in infrastructural development, particularly the in the areas of education, and promise to continue the task till Osun become an enviable state amongst others.

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