July 19, 2024

In a bid to address health inequalities, improve the wellbeing of marginalized populations and promote wellness of the aged citizens in Nigeria, Compassion for the Aged Foundation organized a free health and fitness outreach in Esa community, Isolo, Lagos State.

The outreach which was tagged RE-JUVENATE was done on the 31st day of May 2023 which marked a Global National Seniors’ health and fitness day. The outreach had an impact on 203 aged people in Esa community, Isolo and 2,233 people indirectly alongside connecting the community to the closest health facility in Isolo.

Oluremi Ajayi, the Executive director of Compassion for the Aged foundation stated that “Prior to the Outreach, a need assessment was carried out by CAF team at the community and asides from poverty being a dominant problem, health inequality was also a major challenge facing old persons in Esa community, Isolo, Lagos State.

“Hence, this community Outreach was tagged RE-JUVENATE with the aim of significantly striking a balance between economic expansion and access to quality health care for old people, senior citizen’s and the aged population in Nigeria.

“RE-JUVENATE had interventions like Eye check, Arthritis Assessment, medical consultations, Diabetes screening, Blood pressure check, drugs administration and fitness exercises for the aged”, she explained.

She also stated that with the aid of the outreach, data, facts and figures were gathered in order to help inform health intervention policies by NGO’s, cooperate organizations and government agencies.

“As an organization concerned about the betterment of the health of senior citizens in Nigeria, we aim to organize this community outreach quarterly across Nigeria until we achieve #health for all”, she concluded.

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