Biden’s approval poll sinks below Trump

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President Joe Biden’s approval ratings hit a new low on Monday and touched 39.7 per cent, worse than his predecessor Donald Trump’s ratings at this point in 2018, according to a new poll.

The poll conducted by fivethirytyeight has found that after 510 days in office, the president faces a disproval rating of 53.7 per cent.

In comparison, on the 510th day of his presidency in 2018, Mr Trump had an approval rating of 41.8 per cent and a disproval rating of 51.7 per cent.

Former president Barack Obama, on the other hand, had an approval rating of 47.6 per cent and a siproval rating of 45.5 per cent at the same point of his presidency, the poll revealed.

Approval ratings for presidents can help in understanding how the public feels about the ruling party in Washington DC.