Bisola Aiyeola opens up on not attending university

Bisola Aiyeola has expressed her desire to have passed through a university to experience what campus life is like.
The mother of one, during a recent interview, said she missed the experience because she was not opportune to study at a university.

She further noted that seeing some of her friends with multiple degrees having to learn a skill to provide for themselves, while she doesn’t have any regrets or issues fending for herself.

“I really wish I passed through the four walls of a university to experience it because I love experiencing good things so I do feel some type of way but I am probably brave enough now because I see so many of my friends who have three degrees and are back to learning a skill just to provide for themselves and family so they are leaning on talent to help feed themselves and achieve their dreams.

“I am okay talking about it now because God has blessed me but it’s always there, I don’t dwell on it.”

Bisola Ayeola hit the limelight as a housemate in Big Brother Naija in 2017 where she became the first runner-up. She won the AMVCA Trailblazer Award at the 2018 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards. In 2021, She was one of the investors of Amaze, an app that makes endorsement deals easier for celebrities.

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