COVID-19: Buhari reveals when lockdown will be over

President Buhari on Saturday declared the lockdown measures are essential to defeat the coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria and urged citizens to observe restrictions on movement where they are in place during the Easter holiday.

Buhari’s comment was contained in a statement released by his spokesman, Garba Shehu. The President also said the lockdown will last as long “as our scientific advisers declare they are necessary.”

“For those who suffer most egregiously” during the lockdown, Buhari said the government was ready to help assist with grains and distribution of small cash payments.

“No elected government could ask more of the citizens of the country that elected them than today we ask of you,” the President said. .

“But we must ask you – once more – to observe restrictions on movement where they are in place, and follow the instructions of our scientists and medical advisers: stay home, wash your hands, save lives.

We ask you to listen and follow public announcements via the mass media for instructions as to how to receive this government support – and learn of more public assistance in the coming days.

All that the Government is asking you to endure is because nowhere in the world today is there any known way of defeating this pandemic. There is no vaccine.

And that means there are choices to be made: between continuing as usual, or accepting the restrictions even when they come with unintended consequences.

But at this darkest hour, it remains our duty to offer you the full and unvarnished truth: This is a global pandemic. 210 countries and territories across the globe are affected.

We cannot expect others to come to our assistance. No one is coming to defeat this virus for us. Instead, the defeat of the virus in our country will be in our hands, alone.

We cannot wait for others. We can only depend on ourselves now. And so we must – and we will – end this outbreak ourselves as Nigerians, together.”

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38 thoughts on “COVID-19: Buhari reveals when lockdown will be over

  1. Mr President you ask you people that you love so much to stay at home with family, because virus call covic 19 ,? Fine. But you have not think of how each them will survive with their family. You brought the ideal of BVN for all the citizens make use of the BVN to help your citizens. They need your help at this point. thank you sir Mr President

  2. Instead of buhari going to suffer. all I just want is that all this old failures in that cabinet should fall down and die even if it take covid 19 to do that for us coz young ones like me are suffering

  3. Mr president we’re tired of staying at home, how u guys have our contact to send us unnecessary text but u can’t ask all the bank in Nigeria to provide the available BVN so as to credit our account..
    With a last 20 thousand pay month for our up keep.

  4. Mr president,please make more provision for the citizen…people are suffering no food,no money…..we are tired of staying at home doing nothing 🙏🏻

  5. Mr President I appreciate ur effort on dis issue of coronavirus pandemic but i want u to remember dey fact dat it’s not all Nigerians dat are government worker. some of us are self employed therefore we can’t eat if we don’t hustle for it nd hw do we hustle for it? it’s by going out to our various working places so i advise u provide us with food stuffs, cash. we have obeyed u government nd it’s time for us to obey hunger bcoz una two be leaders. government say make we stay indoors we obeyed nd now hunger say make we go outside nd we go obey bcoz dey two nah oga

  6. This is no government , just concerned about the money they are all getting , instead of been concerned about the lives that are been lost from the lockdown , this lockdown is NO GOOD Also this corona virus whatever is Scam Guy .. Mr president is better you reserve those words and stick to that the lockdown should be over this week..lives are been lost ..

  7. Mr president we are not suffering from virus,instead we’re suffering and dieing of hunger..
    The amount of people hunger have killed is more than the amount of people the virus have killed so far.

  8. Endure what, Robbers are everywhere
    Why are u so heartless,if u were in our shoes would you have say all this that u are saying
    Here in Ogun state,we aren’t safe anymore.we can’t sleep peacefully anymore because of robbers
    They re raping innocent girls and taking people’s stuff
    Pls have the fear of God if u don’t have one..

  9. Its true that acknowledging the lockdown is for our own safety but while we observe it, the president have failed to provide support for his citizens. How are we to survive without food and money? Or you think all the citizens are government workers like you’re who when he’s not working because of this pandemic break is still going to get paid? Some of us are self employed and if we don’t work there’s no way can feed ourselves and family. So please help distribute cash to each individual’s account and stop giving those corrupt and self-centered fellow politicians our money. Remember, you will give account for your position and power someday when you die. There’s one who watches you in silence and is a respecter of no man Mr president, fear GOD.

  10. mr prєѕídєnt pєσplє αrє starving and crчíng σut lσud íf hungєr αll whαt чσu promise tσσ ѕhαrє wє dídn’t ѕєє αnчthíng í.є fσσd, mσnєч, αnd σthєrѕ wє dídn’t ѕєє αnчthíng plѕ mαkє αmєndmєnt

  11. Mr Buhari it’s now I believed that you are wicked…. Your intention is to kill us right…. You know the necessary things to do but you are beating around the bush ….you ones said you know the problems of Nigeria during your campaign but now you have forget to know again because we have voted you in. …..instead of you tell CBN credited all the confirmed bvn no house that doesn’t have somebody that have bank account…. You are busy given the money to your fellow politician to share with their family….. You can’t share money with the whole Nigeria without through bank account…. Hunger almost finish everybody before the weeks has just end now you extend it to unknown date…if I were to say you are the corrupt president we have ever hard in this country.,..

  12. Why it’s most of Nigeria citizens are hardly to understand when even the government are trying to save our lives. Pls the lockdown should be observe pending when they found the solution to this virus

  13. Thanks to you Mr President for your effort on this covid19 but we are pleading to you sir Mr President the poor are dying in hunger at home sir we beg you kindly make provision for us we all know that the lock down is for our own safety sir please make us provision to sustain the lock down sir God bless Nigeria God bless our president God bless govnor of lagos state God bless me and my family

  14. Addition: Please! Advice Mr President Muhammad Buhari too arrange community checked up on individual via LG area. To discover who has covid-19, locking us down isn’t solution for spreading of covid-19. People are suffering. There foods n money can’t reach everbody. Solved this by spreading the medical doctor through community checkup. Please! Do necessary things n stop keeping we Nigerias in hunger

  15. We should keep praying on the covid-19 pandemic and for a humble good change to our leaders

  16. You wi not leave long copy and paste president you can make your own speech anything the US president talk na u go enter TV talk wen u b like person wen get hiv

  17. u are very stupid 4 dis, u are putting us on lock down🔒👇 without providing any means of survival, we could bearly feed, still the military are killing innocent people everyday, nd u 👉👤say we should stay indoors. dis virus will u nd ur family👨👦👧👩👴👵

  18. Almighty Allah will keep on guarding and protecting you and your family from this corona virus of a thing sir

  19. This is unfair…. Hunger will kill us
    Nigeria government is doing more harm to its citizens than the corona virus it’s self.

  20. Mr president we appreciate your efforts to towards eradicating this pandemic in our country. You made mention of palliative measures, nothing is being shared. In Lagos state, my street in particular, they shared 5 small bagco bag of rice and 10 pieces of loaves bread where more than 10000 people live. When they are suppose to go from house to house. Some people cannot eat unless they go out and hussle yet they are at home hungry. All these billions here and there, where are they? God is watching everybody

  21. Pls me president God will help you to the fullest of this virus tanks sir but pls at liss we have a bank account help us with small change to feed out family sir pls.even do it just 5000 atliss it still sumtin pls sir God bless u sir

  22. There are so many ways to kill, but am happy that, he kills someone will be killed too… And I realized that government doesn’t know the meaning of (Government )…many people in this country are surviving based on their daily income, now they are not allowed to go out, how will they survive… OK, Where is the support given to them …if I may ask, is this how other countries are doing…? As u leaders are trying to suffer us ,corona virus will kill you people only

  23. Biko,I need the 20k o!!
    How do I access it?
    And I also need a job please
    I’m currently having accommodation issues if you can as well help.

  24. The lockdown has been extended for two more weeks? This is actually preposterous. How are we meant to survive for another to gruesome weeks? I don’t think Mr President has actually considered this.This is pure hardship for the Nigerian citizens. The welfare of the Citizens should be made a top priority. The government should at least provide welfare packages for each citizen you can’t just tell people to sit back at home with nothing to feed on. This is rather harsh, inconsiderate and irrational.

  25. Please how do I access this 20k?
    I really need it.
    As of now,I can’t even get an apartment where I can stay and I’m working,but my take home is nothing to live in ABJ. Please help me!
    I also need a better job.

  26. God bless Nigeria,ur honor Mr President we all know what’s going on all over the world about this covid 19 virus,(Corona virus) we life is more precious than anything but the mass are really suffering (the poor ) no food no money there is no proper arrangements of things.we read online alots of donations people make where are all the billions,govt should have mercy on the poor those that if they don’t work in a day they would not eat.
    Saying indoor without food and money in worst than Corona virus

  27. You don’t need help by yet they are almost done with there lock downs u don’t want to spend our money see we student are having exams to do stop wasting our time u want to kills us abi and kill our parents bro u no get sense at all u better wise up and all this people controllkng u using us to make money and we are suffering here when ur own children are in A.C u cant help not even 10 10 thousand the states gave house money u are now saying trash I swear na fire go burn u ishallah you will not enter heaven baba werey we are hungry stop the lock down

  28. You are been hold by the law, there is no means or way of insulting the president that is controlling you and the country,if you know that is an easy thing to control a country so called Nigeria then you should get prepared of 2023 so that you will be able to fulfill all promises but please don’t insult him for he has try alot.

  29. Haha why this Buhari you have failed your promise this is not what you said people are suffering up and down
    No food no money for the citizens hungry is killing some people you don’t do something about that all the money they contributed we don’t see nothing may GOD judge you for all your behavior
    Foolish leadership Allah polish your entire family

  30. I HV nothing to tell the government of Nigeria,but one thing I know been written in the word of God is this,no sinner will go unponished. Job said that I know that my redeemer liviet. We will survive in Jesus name Amen

  31. I say a big amen to dat…dis stupid government no dey pity us.. .i never chop since yesterday…am starving🙄🙄

  32. You are extending the lockdown to two weeks you did not give the citizens anything you are saying you don’t know when the lockdown may exit
    Mr buhari is this the promised you gave us when will voted you in as a president of this country
    You are making us suffering
    If I may ask where are the money you collected.God will punish you and your are making us suffering here
    May this coronavirus kill all your family as you are intending to make us suffer
    Please I want this message to reach everywhere
    And I promise you Mr President your days are numbered

    1. You wi not leave long copy and paste president you can make your own speech anything the US president talk na u go enter TV talk wen u b like person wen get hiv

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