Dream: A long Chain of Goal, by Oladimeji Opeyemi DMJ


Dream, a long chain of goal,

Dueling the mind and the soul.

Can’t you see the power of dream?
Keeps awake all night till the beam.
With energy full of vigour,
To do all without rigour

Unlimited space in the heart,
But wider way in the earth.
All comes with the dream,
To achieving all to the brim.

It takes a light mind to dream,
But a strong soul to win.
Nothing good comes easy,
Stay firm without getting messy.

Dream till you have nightmare,
Push till you’re sure of getting there.
No man can stop a moving train,
As the blessing of dream is like rain.

As I drop my pen of honour,
Rise to the top with favour.
Enrich your mind and soul
Because, dream is a long chain of goal.

Written by: DMJ-AfriKa

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