ESIT EKET: The 10 indelible track records of Hon. Iniobong Robson to the people. By Kingdom Inyang

I had mentioned in my first article that I will henceforth identify and celebrate every amazing effort, project and programme carried out by my community leaders to make the region and its people better.

Here, I will attempt a countdown series on the indelible works of Esit Eket Council boss, Hon. Iniobong Robson to the people of Esit Eket.

But for all that, a brief review of the first piece of my work on the subject “Want to be a good leader? Learn to follow” will make clear my reasons for putting out this account.

Below is one of the indelible works of Hon. Iniobong Robson, the Executive Chairman of Esit Eket Local Government Area.

1.0 Etebe Financial Support Scheme (EFSS)

Even under the cloggy chains of hard economic downturn, Hon. Iniobong Robson has consistently displayed philanthropist’s generosity upon the Esit Eket people.

However, the sheer reality confronting a generous and kind-hearted leader like Hon. Iniobong Robson has often been a shake back of ungratefulness from some primary benefactors.

Under Etebe Financial Support Scheme (EFSS) the following impactful records can be duly accounted:

• Under Etebe Financial Support Scheme, the chairman Esit Eket Local Government Council had procured Jamb forms for not less than One Hundred indigent students of the region and further extend scholarship bit for successful candidates to study any course of their choice at any tertiary institution in the country.

• Structural payment of medical bills to not less than One Hundred and Twenty indigent and non-indigent persons from the region

• Etebe Financial Support Scheme has given impactful capital to about sixty individuals from the region to start up their SMEs

• The scheme has sponsored over thirty-five indigenes of Esit Eket on offshore/onshore trainings in which more than fifty percent of these individuals are now gainfully employed.

As an idealist, the Chairman has a certain image of the way the world should be and strives to achieve that end.

Human capital development has been his soul tie vocation, and the driving force of his aspiration has always been touching lives at the rural community without cameras hovering over his shoulders to capture, broadcast and share on the social media space the many benevolent acts which God has placed him in position to do for his people.

On several occasions, the chairman had driven deep down the crannies of the locale he serves unannounced; he perforates with glad tidings petty traders’ hands with Business Support Capitals which they had never dreamt of. These women like every other person would always not be able to hide their joy.

The record of these generous gestures is not a handful exercise, it a soul tie mission – running into about a hundred of petty traders whom in their wildest dreams never would imagine their businesses would take a royal leap.

On the back of all these and many other kind gestures handed towards the people, it is therefore not a hard deal for a man like Mr. Robson whose outlandish generosity to human capital development in the region to have a scorecard as the most generous LG chairman in Akwa Ibom State.

However, it is obvious that a few opposing allies from the region with the media handles tend to feed upon the chairman’s silent gifting dispositions where he sees as barbaric to make a media boast of a diligent exercise of one’s veto call to the people.

Again, it is not surprising that the deep values of Bethel as held unto by the chairman are fast eroding, and the norms of Pharisees are becoming the order of the day where a cup of rice given to a poor widow gains headlines and social media hashtags. This, to me, is a shame.

I have been a victim of mischievous representation. I have witnessed firsthand blackmails where our superlative performance and genuine intentions to GRASA (University of Uyo Graduate Students Association) were tainted in dark colours by selfish petition writers and egoistic columnists. I have heard my three names painted in falsehood just for a bottle of beer and a stick of grilled snails.

The world is not a fair place but then, service to humanity, like harvest time, will never cease.

As a give back to my community, though this may be but a whisper – I henceforth refuse to remain quiet about identifying and celebrating the good done by my community leaders. In the words of Steve Marabodi, ‘The most truly generous persons are those who give silently without hope of praise or reward’.

Sir, Iniobong Robson, your radical generosity to the people of Esit Eket is seen and felt by many and I owe you the moral support and encouragement to promote your good works.

I am confident that with you in the Nation’s political terrain, the future of many young persons from the region will have fertile grounds to be nursed, to grow and blossom.

Kingdom Inyang writes…

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