I am a Human, by Leye Aluko

I am a Human

Born of a woman
Forget where I face in my mother’s womb
Does it matter if I was born dumb?
I am a Human.

I am a human
I eat, I drink, I think.
I walk, I talk, I reason.
I dream, I pray, I listen.
I am a Human.

I am a human.
Because I have fire, passion and desire
Inside me was an ocean of soul and emotions
My life is a joyous stream with no bounds.
Anger, bitterness made you inflict me with wounds.
Just before you killed me, I am a human.

I am a human
Though empty but not thoughtless.
Strong but with wounds, countless
Recuperating I live like foxes
Struggled to get a home, holes
Darwin’s law made me numb to several pains.
I am a human.

Rejected and ignored I settled for low quality.
Like scavengers, I eat not what I wanted.
Abused and harassed, I was left wounded.
Misguided and faced exorcists even though I was pure.
Searched and searched for help without cure.
I am a human.

Next time you call me ugly and raw,
Just remember I survived without breaking the law.
I carried my scars alone like a warrior.
I am a human not by Error.

Inspired by Familugba Mayowa Gabriel and Jon Bellion.

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