I Am Fully In The Race, Disregard Sponsored Rumour Peddling Around That I Am Not On The Ballot; Azeem, Ede North ADP Candidate

The Action Democratic Party candidate has dispelled rumors about his candidature and his party not included in the ballot paper by INEC.

He described such rumors as “sponsored propaganda” been circulated around to deliberately confuse his admirers and the people of his constituency about the non inclusion of his name on the ballot.

Imam Azeem Adeniyi Adebowale made this known to PrimusXpression in an exclusive interview he granted on Wednesday. He expressed his disappointment about the desperation of certain individuals who are determined to get him out of the race at all cost.

In his words, “These are wicked lies from those that want me out of the race at all cost. I have always been with my people despite all odds, come rain, come shine. My popularity is not in doubt and that is why they resorted to indiscriminate propaganda which is very primitive and divisive.”

He revealed that the rumour emanated from those that intimidated him out of the People Democratic Party on the ground that he did not practice their faith.

When asked if that will impact negatively on his election, he answered, “No, not at all. They are only plotting. They did not understand that they are plotting against God and not me. I have a divine mandate from Allah to liberate my people from the shackle of oppression and oligarchy. I have been doing this even as an ordinary citizen. I am undeterred.”

“You see, I have leave the battle for God but as a human that enjoy people’s confidence and support, I have been moving from mosque to church, clan to town hall, communities to villages to set the record straight. I am using this medium to reassure my people in Ede North Local Government that I am in the race and they should come out in multitudes to vote for the Action Democratic Party on the 9th of March, 2019.”