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About Venturi Turbine Wind Energy Generator/Electricity
About Venturi Turbine Wind Energy Generator/Electricity.

About Venturi Turbine Wind Energy Generator/Electricity
Can you imagine a situation whereby you have 24/7 uninterrupted power supply without solar or inverters

No more petrol
No more gas
No more moment without electricity
No more expenses on fuel diesel
No more cost on purchase of generator and maintenance
No more noise and carbon pollution
No more paying outrageous or exorbitant bills
You can enjoy round the clock uninterrupted power supply with clean green and renewable energy, 24 hours and 7 days a week and also save the cost of your present electricity bill by 50%

I introduce you to Venturi Turbine Wind Energy, this post will help you to understand what Venturi Turbine Wind Energy is in details.

Venturi Wind Energy
Venturi Wind Energy

Before we start, I will like to bring your mind close, the electricity generation in the country is not enough to go through all those who need it 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year, so individuals and company have resulted to alternative power supply, especially the big companies that consume large quantity of electricity on daily basis.

This lead to most of them switching to solar energy, because we have a lot of sun in Africa and other parts of the world, but there are major problems faced, using solar energy

These three major problems faced by using solar energy are as follow:

Solar energy that can power a big company cost millions of Naira to purchase
Secondly the batteries used in solar setup which is the deep cycle batteries is designed in such a way that you are expected to use half of its capacity, so you don’t get to make use of all the power stored, this means that half of the capacity of the battery is unused
The third major problem is that solar batteries cannot last more than 10 years, this means that you are expected to change the batteries before 10 years, this cost so much and the company will be spending so much money just to power its equipment.
I’m not trying to say that solar energy is not useful because, right now, the laptop that I’m using to write this post is being powered by Solar, so solar is indeed a great technology because I’ve been using it for the past three years and now I can tell you that it’s one of the greatest inventions.

Now to overcome these three major challenges I listed above, a new technology is just been invented.

I introduce to you the Venturi turbine and wind energy, just as the name implies it means generating power from the wind, you don’t need any solar, or inverter, no diesel, no petrol or gas, it is basically energy generated from the wind. There is no maximum amount of power that can be supplied but a minimum of 10 kWh which is equivalent to 12.5 kVA generator.

If you buy into this technology, you no longer need generator, and the above listed items which are means of generating power, someone hearing this for the first time might want to ask, how possible is this?

Remember that was the same question ask when solar power was being generated from the sun, well by the time you’re done reading this you will understand that technology is always changing for better, this Venturi turbine wind energy works almost in the same principle as a solar system, for you to understand what I’m trying to say, let me try to explain solar energy.

For you to get power from the sun, that is solar energy, you need this major components.

Solar panels
Charge controllers
How solar energy works

The solar panels collect sunlight and convert it to electricity (DC) i.e. 12 volts and send it to the battery, but the charge controller will have to regulate the amount of power sent into the battery, the inverter has the duty to convert the 12 volts from the battery to 220 volts, this is the correct voltage used by household appliances such as fridge, TV, air conditioner, blender and in fact, every other household gadgets used in your day-to-day life at home.

So what it means is that you can use the power stored in the battery even at night, when the sun is no visible. This is the simplest explanation on how power is generated in a solar power system.

Now let me explain how power is produced in a Venturi turbine wind energy.

But before that, here are the components used in Venturi turbine wind energy system to produce electricity, they include:

Micro wind Turbine
Hydrogen Genset

How energy is being Generated

The micro wind turbine is mounted outside the house in form of a dstv dish to get wind, it send the wind to hydrogen Genset. The Genset now convert the wind to energy and forwards it to PowerCell where it is being stored for usage (this PowerCell does the same function as the batteries in solar system setup)

If you want to compare solar battery storage systems with the Venturi PowerCell, you will discover that the Venturi PowerCell can be completely discharged meaning the PowerCell (i.e. Venturi Storage System) can be drained to 0% without shortening the life cycle.


But in a solar battery storage system, if you discharge of drain the battery below 50%, you will end up putting your solar system batteries at risk.

Another unique thing about Venturi is the ability to charge at a higher voltage to completely recharge in as little amount of time as 30 minutes. This function is especially effective with Venturi’s advanced wind turbine generator. This wind turbine has a unique ability to produce very high amounts of electricity in less time. These unusual properties make selecting and configuring the green energy systems, inverter and charge controller quite different from other storage systems.

How can individuals or companies acquire this Venturi

The funny thing about Venturi company is not paying a dime for installations, but use the light before paying, this has never happened anywhere that I know, before now, you pay before you use anything.

There are two basic plans or two ways in which one can subscribe to Venturi power.

PPA (POWER PURCHASE AGREEMENT) This is reserved for the big companies, government establishments, hotels, schools such as higher institutions, factories and places where heavy duty equipment are powered or make use of electricity. There is a monthly payment payable to Venturi on this plan
One of the very great opportunity provided by Venturi is this, Venturi is saying, they are not collecting any money from any companies for installations but will installed with their money and when the company use the electricity, they can then pay, and they say this payment will definitely cut cost of power by almost 50% i.e. if a company pays 1 million Naira monthly for electricity, Venturi says you should get ready to pay just 500 thousand monthly while you enjoy 24/7 uninterrupted power supply.
OUTRIGHT PURCHASE: This involves the outright payment of Venturi Turbine Wind Energy Generator to individuals or establishments at the cost of $25,000.00 ( 10 million Naira)
As a company or individual that needs the services of Venturi, all you need to do is signed a PPA (POWER PURCHASE AGREEMENT) with Venturi, after which Venturi will installed the Generator at their own costs. While you pay in instalments as you use.
Venturi is also creating jobs, by offering mouth watering incentives to distributors and partners

For more details call
09053922159. Click here to join WhatsApp link

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