Insecurity: Hypocrisy, docility and impending Armageddon, by Bayo Faforiji


The increasing spate of insecurity in Nigeria has taken several forms including but not limited to; Ritual killings, Armed Robbery, Political thuggery, Violent protests, Kidnappings, Arson, rapping, armed civil conflicts and so on. Although, a utopian society devoid of all of these anti-social behaviours is virtually impossible to come by, usually, normal and sane societies are often engaged in frantic and genuine efforts to reduce them to the barest minimum.

However, how do you describe a society that deliberately inflicts these vices on itself only to later shout and complain on roof tops about their effects? Does that make any sense at all? Does it?

Nigeria is a country that is filled with so many hypocrites who would applaud or ignore the harbingers of crisis only to turn around and complain about the effects of those deliberately fabricated problems.

Although such vices have been around for several decades, but the tempo has continued to increase in recent times, fuelled mainly by failed public policies from governments, both military and civilian since national Independence.

Wrong educational policies have continued to breed mostly unemployable university graduates, swelling the unemployment market which in turn has exacerbated the crime rate in the country. Furthermore, the evils associated with some public policies which in effect, promote mediocrity over merit in the allocation of benefits from national resources continue to fuel the embers of inequality and accompanying social vices to the extent that virtually all the nooks and crannies of this nation are saturated with their offensive presence! The situation is really saddening.

As if these situations were not enough, the current administration has continued to stoke these embers with gusto so much that it is difficult for discerning minds not to see the hand writings on the wall. This nation is going down, and irretrievably so!

When the Federal Government decided to open our borders to Fulanis from all over West Africa on a “visa free” entry regime, prominent leaders played the ostrich and saw nothing wrong with that policy, no, to them, the government was being generous to our neighbours as the “giant of Africa” , the most populous black nation in the world with vast land and natural resources capable of accommodating millions of Fulanis from all over the world!

However, while Nigerian Fulani herdsmen have been roaming the whole country in their nomadic manner for decades and living in peace with their host communities, the “invited” foreign Fulanis are of a different stock altogether! These foreigners came with a mission to advance into new territories, take over lands by force, dominate and probably annihilate all who are resistant to their colonial conquest. That, has begun in ernest. Let those who have ears listen carefully and take necessary precautions. Armageddon is here, veiled by thin hoods of hypocrisy!

When this administration decided to rehabilitate “repentant” Boko Haram terrorists and enlisted them into the Nigerian Army, again, our leaders saw nothing wrong in the policy because, to them, that is an integral part of the amnesty programme of this administration whereas it is visible to the blind that these “repentant” Boko Haram terrorists have just been granted access to more sophisticated weapons to propagate their expansionist agenda. Ever wondered how “foreigners” are brandishing heavy weapons in our sovereign nation with impunity?

Gradually, the whole country now has to contend with onslaught by French speaking “Fulani herdsmen”, Boko Haram and rehabilitated terrorists in Nigerian Army Uniform! Who can stop this armageddon?

“I weep for the South West”, “All the land in Nigeria belong to the Fulanis” “We will resist this and that…” and so on, are regular utterances from our neighbours, who think that we are smart enough to read between the lines and recognize the dare consequences of not responding to the threats posed by these gathering storms. But, then, are we smart enough?

The recent resort to self defence, ably led by Chief Sunday Adeyemo a.k.a Igboho at Igangan, a hitherto sleepy settlement in Oyo state, is a pointer to what will soon be a widespread occurrence all over territories besieged by these foreign Fulanis nationwide. The unfortunate fallout from this unavoidable reaction is the souring of relationships between host communities and the existing innocent and harmless fulani herdsmen in the various communities mainly because it is really difficult to identify the good from the bad.

Anywhere you turn to in Nigeria now, the line that demarcates fulani herdsmen, Boko Haram and bandits is very thin. We have gotten to a point where most people now identify herds of cows by the roadside or somewhere else as smokescreen to conceal deadly weapons and their unpredictable handlers.

To worsen the matter, these foreign herdsmen kill, maim and destroy any and everything in their paths including unarmed farmers whose only offence is to protest the destruction of their crops! Which sane community will allow that to go on unchecked?

I remember now the famous song of Bob Marley… “How long shall they kill our prophets, while we stand aside aloof?” Let’s not deceive ourselves any longer, unless there is a change of heart by these foreign Fulanis, Armageddon is here, otherwise, why are killers and arsonists roaming our forests freely while victims are being hurled into detention daily? Heaven helps only those who help themselves!

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