Insecurity: ‘We have given security agencies enough technical support’ – Minister


The Minister of Communications, Professor Ali Pantami has said that the telecom area has accomplished marvelously properly in presenting adequate Security Technical Supports that would assist in curbing the multiple protection issues in the country.

Pantami, who was speakme whilst inspecting the Kano concluded 4 Tier second Data Center with 0.7 PetaByte Capacity, on Sunday, said, “from the Digital Economy sector, our duty is to supply offerings and supply aid to security and we have beyond regular time carried out that effectively”.

He said, “today we have sanitized the Sim Card Data, brought the Policy of Nim and Sim Registration; this is to tell you that we have achieved very properly in giving our mega support to the Nigeria security”.

The Minister brought that, “although I’m now not even a member of the National Cyber Crime Council, which is at the workplace of the National Security Adviser, we still sanitized the system and supplied facilities for protection establishments to leverage on and be successful”.

“I’m sure we have carried out what we are supposed to do effectively and I have no doubt that if our interventions are used, they will substantially address safety conditions in the country”.

He stated the fourth tier Data Center with 0.7 PetaByte Capacity is implemented by the Nation Galaxy Backbone Ltd and initiated by means of President Muhammadu Buhari to supply ICT offerings to Nigeria Citizens and criminal procedure.

He said the preceding administrations have applied the variety one National Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure backbone which covered the entire Southern States, however the second Data Center is to cowl the whole Northern Region.

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