Joke Silva opens up on her husband, Olu Jacobs’ health

Veteran actress Joke Silva has opened up about how she has been dealing with the health of her husband, veteran actor Olu Jacob.

Silva revealed last year that her husband was suffering from dementia after reports of him being leaner surfaced on the internet.

In a conversation on Mercy Johnson’s most recent episode of Mercy’s Menu, Johnson asked how she has been able to cope with her husband’s health condition.

Silva said that she committed Jacobs’ health to God in prayers and also adopted herbal medication.

She added that the moment she accepted that handling the situation would become much easier once she accepted it as her new reality,

In her words, “I think for me, it was getting to the place of acceptance. Sometimes when a partner starts exhibiting some things, there will be the religious side… all these prayers and things. There are also other sides that say if you use all these natural herbs and the natural this and the organic that, and you’re doing everything that you’re being told to do and there is no change. It is almost as if the patient is getting worse.”

She added, “But when you get to the stage of acceptance that this is your new reality, honestly it is so much easier. You realize this is the new season, you’re walking with your partner and you meet them where they are. It’s so much easier.”

In recent years, Jacobs has been in the news as some Nigerians continue to express concerns over his health.

The state of his health has also sparked death rumours on several occasions.

But the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) and Silva had repeatedly dismissed such claims.