Kwara people have rejected you – APC tells PDP


The All Progressives Congress in Kwara has told the opposition People’s Democratic Party that the people of the State have rejected them.

The State Publicity Secretary, Tajudeen Folaranmi Aro while reacting to a an alleged meeting between cabinet members of Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq and the candidate of the PDP, on Monday described the statements by the PDP as puerile.

The PDP had claimed  that some key members of the current administration visited its candidate, Shuaibu Yaman in a bid to join the opposition party.

He stated that the news was void and that it was another falsehood and cheap  propaganda used by a party, Kwara has rejected because of its  deceit and endemic corruption during their reigns.

Tajudeen said “It is a Known fact that the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, has always publicized the names and photographs of members of the opposition who renounced their party membership to join the APC in the state”.

He said the “Party has  challenged  PDP to give names and photographs of Government appointees who visited their candidate, Shuaibu Yaman, with the aim  of joining their hopeless party.

“In another falsehood statement, the Opposition party has accused the APC  members of destroying PDP billboards.

He claimed that it’s a plot deployed by the PDP to attract sympathy from the people of Kwara.

“The administration of Governor AbdulRazaq has no time for such dirty politics as erroneously claimed by  the rejected Peoples Democratic Party.

“However, his concern is how to ensure the rapid development of the state that every Kwaran will be proud of.

He therefore restated that “the people of Kwara should see through the congenital lies and propaganda of the PDP and also realized the difference between the evil regime of PDP and the exemplary leadership of Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq”.

He acknowledged that “The AbdulRazaq administration is not interested in devious activities concerning the opposition party.

” The public should  recall that  the PDP government through the State House of Assembly passed a motion urging the National Broadcasting Commission to stop some political programmes on Private Radio Stations in the state but this motion was ignored by the NBC because the PDP government lacked the power to give the commission directives”,he said.

He affirmed that “Kwarans are now free from the oppressive regime of the PDP and have vowed never to return the party to power,and never forget how the wrecked Party dehumanized civil servants and aged retirees at State and Local Governments levels by refusing to pay them salaries, pensions and gratuities  for over two years even when the government was receiving huge allocations and bailouts from the Federal Government”.

He said “We know that members of the PDP have been having insomnia with the incredible achievements of the administration of Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq in just three years.

He assured members of  the rejected Party  that “this ailment will get worse  to epileptic seizures or schizophrenia by the end of his second term in office”.

The state party secretary also atater that residents of Kwara State can see that despite the huge drop in Federal Allocations, their money is now being used to build infrastructure such as roads, factories  Schools and hospitals.

In addition to the governor’s achievement, Social investment Programmes are in place to take care of the youths and elderly.

He restated that the people of  Kwara  have sworn never to experience the humiliation they were subjected to under the  PDP government but also working to ensure that the corrupt  regime of the PDP never returns to power in the   State.

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