Lucrative businesses one can do as side-hustle and fetch extra income


While working or studying there is nothing wrong in having a side hustle thuat brings supplements income apart from your regular jobs.

Side-hustle is a means of making some extra cash that allows you the flexibility to pursue other activities or your most interesting career path. It can be your true passion or probably a chance to delve into something new and adventurous like fashion, travel or whatever it is you care about the most without quitting your day job.

So, let’s examine a few of these lucrative businesses one can own as a side hustle.

1. Tailoring:

Tailoring is one business that has been generating profit for a very long time now. And this is because, irrespective of circumstances, people will always wear clothes. In Nigeria, the weekend is always for the parties so be rest assured of patronage. You could earn up to 60 thousand naira per month depending on ur fashion skills and packaging.

2. Transportation business:

People must move from place to place every day. You can decide to delve into transport considering any means you have for the job and earn money on nights and weekends, working only when you want. You might also don’t need to drive it yourself as you can give it out for hire purchase.

3. Poultry farming:

Everyday, people consume poultry products like chicken, turkey and eggs. This gives you an idea of how large the market for poultry products is. You can produce and under special agreement, supply to restaurants, hotels and even to the local market.

4. Barbing salon or hairdressing:

Most men go to a barbershop every week to cut their hair or shave their beard and they part with at least N300 on each of the visit as most services rendered at barbershops in Nigeria cost between N300 and N1000, depending on the kind of service rendered and location.

You can even do home service and that is about #1,500.

5. Laundry and dry cleaning services:

You can venture into laundry and dry cleaning just that it requires much capital.

6. Sports viewing centres:

People love football and most football matches take place during the weekends or evenings, so this is a perfect business for people in employment to make money.

7. Makeup artist:

If you love makeup but aren’t an expert, consider investing in a class or certificate program. You don’t necessarily need to have a shop in the early stages as you can make use of social media to showcase your skills and gradually build your following. Makeup artists earn between N5,000 naira upward depending on the occasion.

8. Photography:

Look around you, there is an event every other day and this tells you how often the services of a photographer is needed. You can become a mobile photographer by selling your services at weddings, birthdays, photo-shoots, and other events without owning a studio or having expensive equipment. Photographers charge N200 – N500 to take pictures at events and charge even more if it is a photoshoot session or they are providing you with a framed or photo book version.

9. Tutoring:

You don’t need to spend dime whne starting this. All you need to get you started is to be knowledgeable in any subject and show a mastery of that subject and you’re good to go. You can use the outside of your home and teach kids around your locality or offer private home lessons.

10. Social media/digital marketing:

You can run a campaign for an organisation or join a Twitter chat/event and get extra cash away from work salary. You can run a social media post/campaign or join a discussion depending on your network. Enjoy the social media while you take extra cash for monitoring that Facebook/Twitter post or activity.

11. Real Estate Brokerage/Agent:

You can earn commission for being an agent. You can make a big earning from this side-hustle. As an agent, for every transaction on house rent, a sale of landed properties, you earn a 10% commission fee.

12. Content Writing

For every writer, a good side hustling is content writing. You can do weekend or night copywriter for business and organisation. The Upwork freelance site is a good place to get this and even Opera news site.

Knowledge without action won’t do you any good. Start now. You can start small and expand with time.

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