Makama: A Synonym of Good Leadership, By Adewale Yusuf


As a young man with a clear vision.
I have, on countless number of times woken up in the middle of the night to ruminate on dignitaries in the Society. This is a clear lesson learnt from the trouble maker himself (Ubong King) who says “for any position you maybe aspiring for, someone is already there, find him, check his steps then your errors to be there shall be minimal”

The simple conclusion without beating around the bush is that, HRM. Oba Hammed Adekunle Oyelude Makama leadership adopted style is traditionally modernized which progressively stand him out among the traditional class in the country and this made the Monarch in Makama to be Unique

I have written many articles just to describe the Oba Apegunre but still not satisfied, I believe this God sent god deserves more accolades.

I once asked in an article that, where is the strength coming from? What’s motivating him?. Physically, have been opportune to ask but his constant reply remain “I want a new Kuta”
Kuta tuntun









Installation of Solar Lights
Construction of Roads
Successful Political Positions
Construction of first ever Kuta gigantic, modern Palace
Broken of Long Yoke of Kuta-Ikoyi-Ede Bridge

Employment opportunities into both Civil and Military Sectors
Positive Reputation to the Land are all parts of Oba Makama’s great achievements but the most amazed, unexpected, long lasting written memory and the event that finally assured us that, Kuta is in safe hands is what happened during this 2020 Eid-l-Adha celebration!

Eager to know?
Calm down, I say Calm down
In his spirit to lead by example as he used to say in numerous meetings with Kutarians in diaspora that, he derives joy in seeing his sons and daughters coming home during festive seasons. The Arole Anlugbua Ogbogbondu Ebora Owu led by Example, by sending a Chopper to Convey the Queens, the Princesses and Princes from the neighboring Country down to the Palace due to the World Challenge of Covid’19 that restricted international flights. Despite the danger attached, the stress they are subjected to, the cost and other odd factors we can think of at the moment. He said and I quote “count on me, I won’t tell you to do what I can’t do and most importantly I will always lead you by Example” what a fulfilled promise.

Apart from the fact that, such has never happened in Osun excluding Political affairs, this act is a rekindled strength that; Kuta will be Great.
Yes! When love meet hardwork coupled with Sincerity and fulfillment of Leadership Promises then a land with a fruitful ending is assured.

Kindly ask yourself,
Your own type of leadership,
Are you leading by example?
Are you even secured having your family around where you lead?
What extent can you go to show your subjects your capacity to lead them?

We say a very big thanks to the willing to do inner you Sir
To the Personalities involve in continuous strides, we thank them all and most importantly, we thank Eledumare for blessing us with You as our Monarch.

Bi Pepe se pe
Baba Ke pe
Ke e dagba, Ke do gbo
Ke tesiwaju lati ma gbe Ile Aye se rere
Owu oduru,
Omo Aji fepe sere
Aji filu pe
Omo Asunkun gbade
Aforo gboye
Atewo mewewa la kuku fi gboye nile Owu

Thanks for all you do Baami
I wholeheartedly Love You Sir

Yusuf Bello Adewale writes from Kuta.
CEO, Wale Africa Concept


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