NLC Suspends Proposed Nationwide Strike Over Naira Scarcity 

In response to the shortage of naira notes, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has postponed its intended nationwide strike.

At the conclusion of its national executive council meeting on Tuesday, the labor union made the announcement.

The NLC had previously announced that it would start an indefinite industrial strike on Wednesday, March 29, 2023, and that it would picket Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) branches all over the nation.

NLC President Joe Ajaero discussed the development and stated that the union decided to postpone the strike action after receiving updates from its state councils in the 36 states and the federal capital territory. (FCT)

If Nigerians are still unable to purchase naira notes by the end of the two-week period, the NLC, according to him, will resume the planned protest.

Earlier, Chris Ngige, the minister of labor and employment, was saying that the federal government had begun a conciliatory move with the NLC in response to the union’s threat to go on strike.

The minister assured that the government had “apprehended” the situation after inviting the NLC leadership and the CBN to a meeting.

Members of the council reside in the states and in the local governments so they will come up today, which is Tuesday, the 28th, to review the situation because much as it is, the important thing is that we have emphasised to them that we have apprehended this dispute,” Ngige had said.

“By section 7:8 of trade dispute act, once the minister apprehends and starts conciliation on it, you maintain status quo ante bellum. So they have gone back now to review the situation.

“If they’re not satisfied with what they see, they will come back to me and I will invite the CBN again.”

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