Ode to my Arab Princess, by Leye Aluko

Come let me tell you about my Arab princess
Sit up and pay attention
You’ll tell my tale to my dearest
Ignore any form of distraction.

I have met my Princess
Beautiful to behold
Valued than gold
Tender to touch
No need to rush

Fluent is her English
Just like a Linguist
Confident is her words
Radiating her world.

Charming is Smile
Glaring from Miles.
Open is her Arms
No one she’ll Harm.

Honesty is her Hobby,
Like Mario to Rugby.
Peace is her Message,
What a good Massage.

Islam is her Religion,
Mohammed is her Prophet.
Terrorists make her Fidget,
They’ll never hear the Trumphet.

Her favourite is Jamal
She belongs to no Cabal
Her body is reserved
Not like Nigeria’s foreign reserve.

Waiting she is all night
Hoping for the Mr right
Turn, yeah, left or right?
Looking for her Knight.

Here He is working hard
To give them a life that’s not hard.
Acquiring knowledge in totality.
To be a worthy crown to your royalty.

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