Old generations won’t go away unless you make power uncomfortable for them – Obasanjo tells youths


Former Nigerian President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has challenged the Nigerian youths to change the fortunes of the country by taking over leadership.

Speaking on Sunday, January 31, during a virtual interview, the former president apologised to the youths, saying his generation has done “a lot of wrongs” in Nigeria.

According to a report by Punch, Obasanjo tasked the youths to wrestle power and make it uncomfortable for the breed of fortunate “old hags” ruling the country.

While charging young Nigerians not to “just sit down and complain”, the former president who served two terms between 1999 and 2007 under the banner of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) said the future of Nigeria depends on its youths.

Obasanjo also said the “old hags” ruling Nigeria will not go away unless there is a powerful revolution that will “make them go out of the way.”

The former president also said the worsening insecurity in the country was discouraging investors from coming into Nigeria.

“Don’t just sit down and complain. Sitting down and complaining will make you be on the same level and you have to get what I called critical mass of likeminded people who will be ready to say let us bring about the change.

“When people say when will these old hags go out of the way? I tell them they won’t go out of the way, you have to make them go out of the way. They won’t voluntarily go out of the way, you have to make it uncomfortable for them.”


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