Open Letter To Students Union Governments: Before It’s Too Late

Students unionism should be a preparatory platform aimed at showcasing prospective leaders in various spheres of National Leadership in the nearest future.

Unfortunately, some student leaders across our varsities have been bedevilled by selfishness, self centeredness, corruption and ego.

This letter is aimed at reminding student leaders at all levels to endeavour to make positive impact in the lives of the students they are representing.

Posterity will be kind to Students leaders who imprinted their names on the sands of time by Impacting on the students positively.

The madness of using money collected in the name of Students Leadership for wasteful spending with women in hotel must stop.

The University authorities should from time to time audit the account of the students Unions.

Accountability and responsiveness must be made to bear in the purse of Students leaders, the era of perfidy and wasteful spending must end.

Students Leadership should use the money received on the behalf of the students to Award Scholarships, provide grants and loans to the enterprising Students.

Students leaders must understand that power is transient and therefore must resist the temptation of lording themselves over the students but rather be come the ideal servant leaders which true Leadership entails.

The Executives of the Students Union Government and Students leaders at all levels must endeavour to act and write their names.

Before it is too late: SUG can Financially empower the needy Students, open business centres which Students can work in, secure places of industrial attachment for the students and promote the welfare of Students while ensuring accountability.


©Amb. Timothy Nwachukwu is a 3rd year law student in Nnamdi Azikiwe University and the Executive Director, Youth Advocates For Peace Justice And Empowerment Network (YAPJEN) and can be reached via or 08097311499.


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