OPINION: Oshiomhole, a party national leader or an actor? 

Beyond the screening of Obasaki’s candidacy…we all voted for change with hope of seeing the positivity that true change brings, but little did we know that we voted for change to regret our simple sincerity!
The well-written and professionally acted drama from the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress has undoubtedly shown that what the change brought is not the “difference” we expected from his party.
Few months ago, Edo state governor, Godwin Obaseki engrossed in power tussel with the former governor of the State and National Chairman of APC Comrade Adams Oshiomhole. The tussle was ignited by Obaseki’s move to unseat the national party chairman. Infact, one could say that the harder the governor hit the move, made it to be a national disgrace to Oshiomole. The cause of this, the people outside their circle might not know.
Fast-tracked to the seasonal movie they titled the “Edo governorship screening” and the party’s direct primary slated for 22nd of June, 2020, I think Nigerians are not fools, and we will need to separate the fact from fiction even though many of us are not yet at the positions of leadership, we won’t allow to be ruled like fools!
Yes, the screening scene is above the line. Historically, if Oshiomhole could  remember Obaseki contested four years ago and he won under his roof with a screening of the same certificate. Then why now the same certificate dramatically becomes fake (Ofege)?
In a viral video, Oshiomhole is seen campaigning for  Obaseki in the buildup to the last gubernatorial election through which Obaseki became the governor of Edo state. Oshiomole stood up and muttered that Obaseki graduated from University of Ibadan and further went ahead to USA for his masters degree. I think as at then, that was enough to  change the minds of the elites to vote Obaseki, but i’m currently in a state of confusion when the National Chairman is turning down his proven words.
Yes, he who tear the  garment of honour must wear a cap of disgrace. Politically, we all know that Oshiomhole is trying to let Obaseki know that he has stepped on his garment of honour to have maneouverd his way to aid his removal as the National Chairman of the APC.
However, Comrade Oshiomhole must know that the ability of a leader is to take complex issues with simplicity, but he failed to define his person out of roles and  status assigned to him as a National Chairman of APC who is expected to mediate and not to openly exhibit a conspiratorial disposition.
Furthermore, the denial of Obaseki’s candidacy placed a dent on the integrity and respect of the premier University of Ibadan. Because below and above the scene, the University has claimed that he (Obaseki) graduated from the school in 1979, and this is enough for Obaseki’s qualification for the primary not to be denied on the ground of the same certificate.
I used to believe that we are now under democratic rule, but the message passed by Oshiomhole has shown to us that we are still roaming under autocratic rule of godfatherism. If the same person who claimed Obasekis results was valid four years ago is still the same person saying otherwise in the screening for second term, then the scenes is beyond the screening, there’s an untold story.But who will narrate the story?
Mr Oshiomhole Sir, if truly you claimed that Obaseki’s results is now fake then you brought nothing but a disgrace to yourself as a National Chairman of APC! This has shown that Oshiomhole as a leader is not trustworthy, and at the same time a disgrace to the national flag of APC, by allowing Obaseki to have contested four years ago with a fake certificate. And now, because he seized to be loyal to his school of thoughts, it’s time to change the game. This shows that the hope we have in the change we voted; we may not see with its power party under the leadership of people like its current National chairman.
In shot,the screening of Obaseki’s results by Oshiomole is useless and a shame to APC, if after four years in office you are telling us you produced for us a governor that has no certificate–this is a gun shot to a party that hasn’t reach where it promised to take us to in the journey of a better Nigeria.
If truly, Oshiomhole claims  Obaseki’s results is fake, then he needs to apologise to the people of Edo state to have confirmed the results valid at first instance four years ago.
I think the angry pen need to tell Oshiomhole not to be like a poor man who pray to God for money and  became rich while later he wanted to become God. For this reason, he is broke. It would  have been better to fight Obaseki with doggedness as Asiwaju Tinubu did with Former Lagos State governor, Mr. Ambode where he was denied by the entire party themselves. Instead you took the gun to the bush to hunt by yourself.
Alas! I hope this decision of yours to deny Obaseki’s screening will not bring shame to APC in Edo state and at the National level and also hinder the South West mission in 2023 General election.
The decision is now left to the people of Edo state to decide. If Obaseki’s has done well in his governance, I think he has nothing to be afraid of.Though the power hungry PDP has called on Obaseki  candidacy to add a feather ahead 2023 presidential election.
In conclusion the scene is beyond the screening of Obaseki by  Oshiomhole,let’s cross fingers and watch the rest of the movie till the end. At this juncture I rest my case.
Com. OLOREDE, Abdulgafar Abidemi(AARE), is a graduate of social work Department, University of Ilorin and a graduate of mass communication Fedpoffa. He writes from Osun State.
oloredegafar93@gmail.com (08167238124).


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