Opinion: Politics and Money, By Seyi Adeniyi


Politics involved activities that are associated with making decisions in groups, or other forms of power relations between individuals, such as the distribution of resources or status.

It is an established fact that money politics is a global phenomenon, it’s trend in Nigeria’s electoral system is, however, worrisome. Buying and selling of votes has become a norm in Nigeria’s political arrangement. In no small measures, this threatens her readiness to embrace democratic virtues.

Vying for political posts is left for rich individuals due to the huge amount of money involved in preparation for elective offices. Though the electoral act regulates political finance, its application is not obtainable. The electoral body that is responsible for monitoring and regulating expenses of candidates has not been vibrant in walking the talk. This makes it imperative for all to feel concerned and be worried by the ugly phenomenon of money politics in Nigeria’s democracy via its implication for sustainable development.

My view is that until Nigerians move from politics of money and adopt politics of ideology and creativity, advancement of the country’s democracy might be a mirage.

Today, it’s disheartening and mind-blowing to note the role that money plays in our political arrangement. It’s generally believed all over the world that political parties are formed based on ideology, but reverse is the case in Nigeria. Within a space of one month, a core Nigerian politician can move from party A to B to C all in the name of staying in the limelight.

Yes! Democracy is about free will. Defection, notwithstanding should be backed with a very cogent reason. Now, in Nigeria political space, money has taken the place of integrity and pedigree. Unfortunately, APC government introduced what is today called ‘Dibo ko se’be’ – vote and cook good soup. The PDP and other political parties have accepted this as the only means of getting to power.

The “once I have my money, i will certainly have my way” notion is certainly not the best way in getting those that have the mind of doing what is right and serving the people in position of authority. What this is telling us is that Mr Lagbaja can bring his money from party A to get party B ticket, not minding those who he met there, who have been working both day and night to make the party more attractive to the public. What will now be their fate? Without a deep pocket, loyalty is a wasted virtue in Nigeria political system. Sad!

What this is teaching us is that it will get to a stage where nobody will care about your antecedent or party manifesto, but rather, the highest bidder and this will be highly inimical to our development as a nation, because a certified armed robber could bring money to contest election and eventually win. These are terrible times with no hope at sight. May God help our nation.

‘Seyi Adeniyi
Publisher, Docpetinfo


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