Osun PDP Congratulates Elected House Of Assembly Members

The Osun People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has congratulated all her elected candidates in the just concluded House of Assembly election for their victory at their different local constituencies

The party in a victory laden statement on Sunday by the Acting Chairman of the party, Dr Akindele Adekunle applauded the choice of the party in the different sellable candidate’s that hoist the flag of the party to Victory in the 25 state constituencies in Osun with the last outstanding constituency guaranteed to be taken back through the necessary legal means.

The party said the emphatic victory her candidates had wouldn’t have been possible without the overwhelming support Osun citizens and electorates gave to Osun PDP at the poll and this serves as a vote confidence on the PDP government in the state led by His Excellency, Senator Ademola Nurudeen Jackson Adeleke.

“The Victory Osun PDP had been gaining since the gubernatorial election of July 16th 2022, to the overwhelming majority victory we had in the state assembly election wouldn’t have been possible without the people of Osun standing as a strong pillar of support for our party

“We sincerely applaud  all the civil servants, retirees, Osun market women, diverse business men, artisans, students organisations, organised labour groups, sympathisers of our party, advocates of good governance which our party stands for, our associates across the length and breath of Nigeria, our party members and Osun electorates and citizens in and outside the state and so many other interest groups too numerous to mention.

“We assure you, we will not take this massive support for granted. We will continue to do more to better the lives of Osun citizens and advance the economic prosperity of this state.”

We appreciate our Governor and leader of the party in the state, His Excellency, Gov Ademola Adeleke for standing as a real biblical David and fighting onbehalf of the Isrealites which Osun symbolises and ensuring victory against the marauded philistines that the dead opposition party in the state (APC) can be liken to.

The party also applauded the notable number one financier of the party in the state and Nigeria at large, Dr Deji Adeleke for not getting tired of the struggle describing him as the anchor of the liberation Osun momentarily enjoys today through the good governance PDP is currently offering in government.

“We want to specifically appreciate the huge philanthropist and anchor of our political liberation in Osun, Dr Deji Adeleke for his unending support for the party and the system that surrounds it.

“We commend Yeyeluwa Modupeola Adeleke-Sanni for her motherly role throughout the struggle, your unflinching support is immeasurable, we appreciate you”, the statement said.

In the same vein, the party also has word of honour for the Chief of Staff, Alhaji Kazeem Akinleye, party leaders and excos of the party from the state level to the ward level for not getting tired in the day to day activities of ensuring emphatic victory for the party and urge them to continue to do their best for the party in any capacity they find themselves at any point in time.

While celebrating the victory, the chairman onbehalf of the party commiserate with the departed political soldiers who lost their lives in the hands of murderous Apc to ensure the victory Osun PDP and the citizens of the state are celebrating today, describing them as the ‘martyrs of the victory’

“While we give God thanks for this victory, we won’t but remember those who lost their lives in the process.

” We remember all those who were shot dead by leaders of the evil party (APC) and their criminal elements in all part of the state. We commiserate with you all, you’re all our heroes, you’re all OUR MARTYRS of this overwhelming victory.

“We want to assure, your victory will not be in vain as we will do everything we can, to ensure justice is done and as soon as it can, over your unfortunate demise.

“Very soon, we will be paying a condolence visit and give assurances of our plans for the departed martyrs of our party, while we urge the Police to expedite action on their investigation on the murderous element who are culpable for this unfortunate incidence”.

The chairman beseeched members of the party and Osun people to join them in faith as the party continued another part of the struggle at the judiciary level, praying as God has ensure victory at the poll, same will also come to effect at the judiciary level.

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