Osun’s community of sad, failed men, By Bola Boladale


I noticed that the members of the Cherophobic community are at it again with their negative energy. They are afraid of happiness. They are afraid of anything positive.  It’s a mental disorder and we sympathise with them. However I will, like a good brother’s keeper,  advise them to seek help, therapy, early treatment before their disease takes a turn for the worse.

According to medical experts,  “Cherophobia is a condition where a person has an irrational aversion to being happy.” Cherophobic  person are often afraid to participate in activities that many would characterize as fun, or of being happy.

Are you following my drift? Ok, let me explain further.  What kind of people complain about half salary and still are not happy with full salaries? How do you explain a condition that leaves a man sorrowful with a brand new bridge after years of sweating in traffic snarl and constant road mishaps? What kind of people are sad when a government devices an alternative approach to fix roads? Roads are being fixed and they want to cry! Lord have mercy.  Many are mad, few are roaming,  right?

Did you read the the coward who instead of booking an appointment with my friend Dr Oyewole, a consultant psychiatrist,  decided to advertise his mental disorder? The bloke was more worried about arrears of salaries instead of seeing the positives of having a governor who is ticking all the boxes of the promises he made. If a man can’t appreciate Governor Oyetola’s focus on changing the sad stories of the past and see these beautiful results as a sign of better days ahead, you will agree with me that he needs help. If a man has a pregnant wife, should he still be carrying on like his neighbor whose wife has been trying to conceive for six years? But then it’s really difficult to reason with Omoye who is on her way to the market square, stark naked

For these miserable folks, it is absolutely difficult for them to recognise what is good and to give due credit to those behind good deeds. Sad for them, whatever is good remains good regardless of the brick bats from ungrateful men thrown in its path.

The coward had written  a “touching letter from a civil servant in Osun”, in which the author muddled a few unrelated issues, displaying a  demonstration of the unnecessary bitterness that ‘ ‘professionally sad’  men display when others succeed. In their befuddled minds, the saddist and his sponsors think they are troubling the wheels of Oyetola’s advancement, but it is Osun’s overall development they are bitter against. They simply are unhappy with Osun’s happiness.

More laughable was the fact that the author excused the payment of modulated salaries to workers by the immediate past governor as a necessity in the face of economic recession, but Oyetola’s prudent management of the state’s lean resources and commitment to prompt payment of full salaries and other entitlements meant insensitivity to the workers’ plight in the author’s estimation. Really? Need  I repeat that many are mad but few are roaming?

For anyone to prefer Osun being plunged into heavy debts to Oyetola’s creative adoption of the Alternative Project Funding Approach to project financing is to wish Osun ill. For anyone to prefer a chaotic Olaiya intersection with recurring accidents to the newly constructed flyover with the attendant smooth traffic flow it now provides, is to wish Osun remained backward.

Posterity will only be kind to idle minds like these and their sponsors if, and only if, they set aside their state-of-the-art inferiority complex and unwarranted bitterness to join hands with the man ordained by God to set Osun on a progressive course.

Unfortunately, their diseased minds remain their greatest undoing. They need urgent help before they start roaming.