“Since I was born, no man has approached me for relationship” – 22-year-old lady cries out

A young lady of 22-year-old has taken to a popular relationship blog to lament that she has never been asked out by any man in her entire life.

She wrote, “I am 22 and no guys ever approach me (not even creepy or old guys approach me). My aunt came to visit me and told me that I need to start dating and finding someone since I have never had a boyfriend before. She asked me if anyone has asked me out yet and I told her that no man ever approach me and she got shocked and surprised. Yea I don’t understand either………?

“I don’t think I am ugly and I am in shape. I am at an average height as a woman and I even weigh a little below average for my height. Sometimes I get compliments on my appearance and family friends keep asking if I have a boyfriend yet and when I tell them no they can’t seem to understand why. Even one time my Uber driver asked if I had a boyfriend and I said no, he was surprised and said I’m attractive and he reassured me that I would find someone but no guys ever seem interested in me.

“Idk why I never get approached if I am not ugly……? People tell me many times that I have a very young looking face but should that stop men from approaching me?

“Idk what to do about my nonexistent dating life. I feel like I am pretty much, am about to be forever alone even though I am not ugly and I don’t have any physical defects. I am not going to approach a guy so please don’t tell me that is what I need to do.

“I just want all of this to end, I might just end it all.”

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10 thoughts on ““Since I was born, no man has approached me for relationship” – 22-year-old lady cries out

  1. Hope, is never lost when you add faith to it, is just around the corner, when iron is about to break the heat get more hotter, these are distraction and it can cost you more than what you are going through . Relationship is two people agreeing to to work for a common goal. My advice, charity begins at home, which may be where you live, worship, work , old school mate or a total stranger ( God’s sent) please be weary about social media dating – it will take advantage of you- she’s desperate, got your weak point etc. I pray God guidance wisdom, pretty.

  2. U just need pray to ur God and I believed God will surely answer ur prayer, insha Allah…. Keep praying u can contact me on this so we can talk better. 08062549079

  3. Darling take it to God in prayer is the answer to all problem,and your case will be settled in Jesus name.

    1. Hope take your problem to God in prayer. At this point be careful of 419 who would want to seize the opportunity of your outburst defrud you. God will hear your prayers.

  4. I will like to interact with the lady. I’m a guy that had never had a girlfriend also. I guess we could become friends, hope for the best and let see where it will lead us. I’m dropping only my twitter contact for cautious reasons. She can contact me via Twitter: @gagghumour
    Looking forward to meet with her

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