The other sides of being a beautiful woman


These are some of the challenges extremely beautiful women face: It can be hard to develop a personality when others are permanently keen to project a ready-made one onto one’s features.

The beautiful are fated to be told who they are far more than they are encouraged to unearth interesting identities for themselves. The beautiful are seldom single for longer than a few months;its just too difficult to keep turning people down.

In bed the beautiful wonder ‘is it me or is it my body they want? They want of course to be loved for the whole of who they are but their exterior is so affecting it. The very beautiful stand to discover that very interesting people who don’t look so nice are terrified of approaching them,it can be puzzling to find that one has this effect.

The very beautiful are presumed to be stupid (Nigerian standard),people don’t wait to find out,they like the idea of the beautiful being resolutely dim. People feel fortune has smiled on these beauties enough already,they surely don’t need anything further,like kindness or understanding that’s why the beautiful may be on the receiving end of some remarkable cruelty,their pains and sorrows are of no interest,their so-called insecurities attracts scorns,certain people may even feel they need actively to show these beauties that they are nothing special though they never claimed to be.

The beautiful face difficulties in making female friends just by being beautiful. People will assume things about you just because you are beautiful,you will be called promiscuous,stuck-up,arrogant,dumb and everything in between.

Anything you do will have to be thought through a million times because it will be misconstrued as sexual interest by males and antagonistic behavior by fellow women. No matter how accomplished you are,you will always be judged on the basis of your appearance which is probably the worst part of being beautiful.

Life is indeed difficult for extremely beautiful women and more difficult if you are academically sound(she use wetin she get collect wetin she no get).

These are some of the things extremely beautiful women face.

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