Ukrainian medical doctors, theatre actors, clerics asking for weapons to fight Russians — Kyiv Mayor, Klitschko

Ukraine’s Kyiv Mayor, Vitali Klitschko, a retired World Boxing Heavyweight champion has stated, Wednesday that medical doctors and theatre actors are asking for weapons to defend the country’s capital against the advancing Russian army.

Klitschko, in a live interview with CNN’s senior international correspondent, Micheal Holmes, monitored by Vanguard digital team, revealed that those left in the city of Kyiv are ready to defend the city from falling to Russians, to the very end.

Klitschko told Micheal that “ many have left the capital and those who remained, like doctors, theatre actors have been approaching the authorities, asking for weapons to fight the Russian invaders”.

“ We are fighting for the whole of the democratic world and we are ready to defend our independence to the very end”.

“It is the will of the people to defend their democracy and their land against one the strongest armies of the world”.

Today marks the sixth day since Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, claiming there are neo- Nazists movements in Ukraine who have been launching attacks against Russian interest in the Donbas region where separatists, backed by Russia have been operating.

The United States and allies have issued severe sanctions against Putin, and Russian interests around the world, including banning the Russian central banks from doing business abroad.

Just yesterday, a number of companies have started moving out of Russia and others cutting their investments in the country since its invasion of Ukraine, a move which has seen the Russian economy plunging 30per cent lower than previously forecasted.

World football body, FIFA and Continental governing body, UEFA have equally sanctioned Russian teams but these haven’t stopped Putin or the Russian army from advancing towards Ukraine’s capital where President Zelensky has remained resolute to defend his country against Putin’s aggression.