US Tornadoes Leave Trail of Destruction and Death, Drone Footage Reveals

In the aftermath of the destructive tornadoes that have ravaged several states across the US, drone footage has revealed the true scale of the wreckage left in their wake.

The powerful tornadoes that swept through Arkansas and Illinois have tragically claimed several lives and caused significant damage to numerous buildings in their path.

Eyewitness accounts of the destruction paint a harrowing picture of the chaos and devastation that unfolded. One survivor, Jessica Bahena Hernandez, recounted her experience of narrowly avoiding being crushed by a collapsing roof at a heavy metal concert in Illinois.

Reflecting on her brush with death, Jessica said, “It was scary because like my first thought when I saw it was more that literally could have been me five minutes prior.”

As communities come to terms with the destruction caused by these deadly tornadoes, the drone footage serves as a stark reminder of the devastating power of nature and the need for swift action to aid those affected by this disaster.

Source: BBC