What Our Administration Has Achieved In Infrastructures, Health, Agriculture – Ede East LCDA Chair, Sikiru Adewale Reveals

Hon. Sikiru Akanni Adewale is the Chairman, Ede East LCDA in the State of Osun. In this interview with our correspondents, he revealed what his administration has been able to achieve in the last eighteen months and what he intends to do before his tenure as the maiden Chairman of the council ends. 

Adewale also used the avenue to clarify air on the controversy that trailed his kind gesture – distribution of bread – to the members of APC in ward. Read. 

You became the Chairman of Ede East LCDA on 6th of February 2018, how has been governance?

With the glory of God, governance has been going on smoothly but not without some hiccups. There are lot of challenges and lot of expectations from people. With God on our side, we have not let our people down and by his grace, we won’t let them down.

You said there are lot of challenges, can you please mention some of those challenges?

You see, our attitude to governance in Africa particularly in Nigeria cannot really get us far. There are some people who believe that government should do everything for them. In fact, they want government to cloth them. However, the major objective of government is to create an enabling environment for the people to strive and prosper. Therefore, because we are in Africa, you have to make a balance between the two set of people. Also there are set of people who don’t see beyond their political parties. Irrespective of whatever good thing that you are doing, they will always criticise it. I must be sincere with you, local government administration is the most challenging. Because we are at the grassroots and the first call for the people, we have to take care lot of things even including providing food for the needy.

Sir, what are your achievements in less than two years?

To the glory of God, we have been able to achieve lot in few years. Our achievement includes the grading of roads. The road that links Edgbeda-Logun- Araromi villages, the Sekona to Lasubu road, Reedermers University junction to Ogobi oja, and Ajibode-Geere road.

Also, From Akoda-Gaga road, Arola-Olodan Market, Ogbaagba-Agodo road, Mobi to Kajola, Olodan Market to Alajue. From Egbeda Logun to Ayedade and Akoda to Oluwere roads was graded by our administration. Away from road network, we also build some motorized boreholes at Idi Igba, Kuye Alajue, Egbeda Loogun, Poonpola Village and Oloki to tackle water scarcity that does ravage our people during dry season. We did not stop at that, we also built hand pump boreholes at Osun Aladun and Ogbarin. While we also repair some boreholes too as we believe that government is continuum.

One of the borehole projects

Sir, it appears that all your projects are mostly boreholes and grading of roads?

Not at all, there are other projects which include the demarcation of the Sekona Market to enhance safety. Renovation of the Maternity Center at Sekona among others. But the have to lay more emphasis on borehole and grading of roads because 95% of Ede East is in the rural area. We need good roads so that the farmers can easily transport their goods to the towns. We also need water so that we can prevent the outbreak of diseases.

With due respect, recently it was reported that you distributed breads to the people. Sir, is that part of your projects?

(Laugh) how can that be a project? It was merely another way to celebrate with my people at the APC ward meeting. I have read many things on the social media about it. In fact, some well-placed people in the society have even called me. The bread was my personal conviction and the finance is solemnly from my pocket. What the people want in Oshogbo is different from what people here in Sekona, Olode, Ogbaba among other places wanted. Just like I have told you, it is not a project but merely a way to celebrate with my people. I have just informed you of some of our capital projects. Hopefully, very soon, I will call for a media hangout whereby I will conduct journalists both the traditional and new media to our projects.

One of the road projects

Sir, can you tell us some of the other projects or plans that you have in mind?

It is my intention to have at least one motorized borehole in all the villages we have in Ede East. It is my intention to grade and even if possible concrete all the roads in Ede East LCDA. It is my intention to purchase mini trucks that the farmers can use to transport their farm products to the towns. With the newly launched State of Osun Health Insurance Scheme, it is my intention to sensitize my people about it and get every single person in Ede East medically insured. See, I have a lot of things in mind but we can not do everything. We will set priority and execute the projects base on the needs of the people and our financial ability.

Any word of encouragement for the people?

I wish to appreciate the people of Ede East for their unrelenting support. I also appreciate the State Government for their constant attention and numerous projects in Ede East through the O-RAMP intervention. I will continue to do my best for the people irrespective of what some perpetual critics say. Our people here appreciate what we are doing. They are happy with us and we will continue to partner them for the betterment of all.

Thank you very much for your time sir.

You are welcome.

Sikiru Adewale


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