June 21, 2024


  1.  Can we meet you?

I am Folayan Abiodun Musbaudeen GMNSE…fondly called CALCULUS

  1. How has life generally, starting from your childhood till now

Life from childhood has been generally challenging. A lot of lessons has been learnt about what life entails and requirements.

  1. You have been awarded bachelor’s degree by the University of Ilorin, tell us how you feel.

Being awarded B.Eng from the renowned University of Ilorin gladdens my heart because it is an objective achieved.

  1. . How have been your days at the Ilorin? Describe them in two sentences?

Ilorin as town is a very peaceful one.

  1. You were a renowned and famous student politician in your faculty and student’s Union generally, what are the Post(s) held achievements and lessons learned?

Community Development Service Affiliated to Vanguard Youth movement, Kwara state

Millenium Development Goals

Position Held: Public Relation Officer

National association of Urban and Regional Planning students

Position held: SRC member

National Association of Urban and Regional Planning Students

Position Held: President

University of Ilorin students’ union parliament

Position Held: Senate member as Chairman Information and Enlightenment committee

NIMECHE( Nigerian institute of mechanical engineers

Position held: council member

Omoluabi entrepreneurship program.

Position held: committee chairman


Achievement: ?presentation of a bill on examination timetable.

?Proper representation

?Timely discharge of duty

? And lots more….

Lesson learnt: Ability to work with team and understand individual differences .

  1. Were you ever immersed in any crisis, if yes briefly say what it was all about, lessons learned and how you got over it?

There were no crisis whatsoever. Thanks

  1. What is the best thing you’re proud of? Your most regrettable action sir?

Best thing am proud is my personality which was never tarnished and most regrettable action was failure to take some critical actions at the critical time.

  1. What do you like most in UNILORIN? And what do you think deserve(s) change?

What I like most in Unilorin is its Academic stability and its reputation.

What i think deserves change is failure to carry the students along on policies that affect them.

  1. In the next 4 years, do you see yourself become a full politician?

By God’s grace… Strongly believe and working assiduously towards that

  1. Parting words for the junior colleagues sir

It is high time we all started believing and invest in human capital development simply because, that would always renew your relevance

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