June 23, 2024
  1. Can we meet you

Yes, I am Bello Olayemi Sulaiman. a. k. a (Dlaw).

  1. 2. How has life generally, starting from your childhood till now

Life has been so-so

  1. You have been awarded two bachelor’s degrees from two different institution, can we know them and the awarding schools?

Yea. BSc Hons political science,National Open university of Nigeria and B.A Hons International studies and history, UNILORIN.

  1. How has been your days at the Ilorin? Describe them in two sentences

Well,not bad. Hectic days as usual.

  1. You were a renowned and famous student politician in the faculty of Arts and student’s Union generally, what are the Posts held, achievements and lessons learned?

Yeah.I was the chairman of stakeholders for faculty of Arts, And a students’ union senator. As the chairman of stakeholders for Arts, I produced the current General secretary of the students union. At the students union senate council, I was a secretary for the committee for information and enlightenment, also a secretary of the ethics and disciplinary committee. Just as every legislators must see the interests of their constituencies as their primus inter pares(first among equal). I am not an excemption as I strongly agitated, and protected the interests of the entire unilorites. Hence, I was awarded at the end of the administration as the most vibrant senator of the students union Senate council,university of ilorin. I learnt varieties of lessons which include the following

  1. That whosoever is in a position of authority or representing a group of people should try his/her possible best to defend, protect, secure, agitate, and promote the interests of the majority he/she is representing, because whatever we do today, will become history tomorrow.
  2. Also I am confident to say based on the theory of manmadization of history, that man indeed make history and history doesn’t make man. Hence, I implore everyone to make good history.
  3. Were you ever immersed in any crisis, if yes briefly say what it was all about, lessons learned and how you got over it


  1. What is the best thing you’re proud of? Your most regrettable action sir?

The best thing I am proud of is my academic achievements,even when my father never liked western education.I did not get them on a platter of gold though. ……My most  regrettable action was the day I was lambasted by a lecturer, even when I was sure that I did the work correctly.I regretted being the group leader that day. His first statement however made me know that he intentionally castigated me in front of the whole class. He said “I would have appreciated your work if you are not the one presenting for your group “.

  1. What do you like most in UNILORIN? And what do you think deserve(s) change?

The stability in UNILORIN academic calendar.

A school that Is as populous as Unilorin needs to improve on her organizational skill

  1. . In the next 4 years, do you see yourself become a full politician?

Well,God knows the best. If I go with Aristotle’s aphorism  that man by nature is a political animal.So I won’t be surprised if I am holding a political office in the next 4years.

  1. Departing words for the junior colleagues sir.

Do not retire until you have acquired what you desire and irrespective of what you have acquired,pls be humble.Because he who is not humble as fumbled and will definitely stumble.




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