July 25, 2024


Few minutes ago, I heard and confirmed again on #Rave Fm 91.7 that the chancellor of UNIOSUN, Chief Mrs Alakija, donated 250 million to the ongoing construction of the access road to the main campus of the university.


So, I begin to wonder what his excellency, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the chancellor of LAUTECH has been doing concerning the affairs of LAUTECH. This is a man that has never for once issued a statement on LAUTECH let alone assisting the institution financially. The day he visited LAUTECH last was during his investiture as the chancellor of the school.


Yes, I’m very much aware that the post of chancellorship is an honorary award but at the same time much should be expected. It’s not only on record that Alakijas donated ultra-modern law faculty to Ajayi Crowther University which worth 1 billion but also extended his benevolent heart to UNIOSUN.


Similarly, the late chancellor of LAUTECH, in person of Bashorun moshood Abiola ( MKO ), also assisted LAUTECH by offsetting 3 months salary of the workers to stabilize the school then when in crises. But why has the story changed now during Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu ?  In fact, some of the notable OBAS in Yoruba land have never for once ceased assisting the school they are honored as chancellor.


Sincerely, my love for your Excellency is gradually reducing. I know I’m worthless and has no value to you sir but I can’t just help it than expressing my bothered heart. You are a leading leader, powerful man and a blessing to Yoruba land, but inspite of all these, the story is a different case to LAUTECH community.


If God willing I meet you in person one day, I will never hesitate to know why you’ve been silent on LAUTECH.


Oyedeji Ahmed writes in pain.


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