June 16, 2024

The release of the 1 billion by the Osun state government is political. He did that to surprise you that he’s very much committed to the school whereas, his total debt is around 6.3 billion. But the school can’t continue to stand still without moving and expecting miracle to happen.

Though, two of the Osun state’s commissioners told me that Aregbesola made the approval upper last week but was effected by the bank on last weekThursday. As for me, I confirmed the authenticity of the news on Friday evening.
The oyo state too is under processing and God willing this week, we shall hear the good news.
No appetite to say hurray now until oyo state do the needful. However, the issue of sustainability must be duly addressed.
Lecture will not start on Oct 3 because council and management will have to meet with the unions and later, the unions executives will call for congress before commencement of academic activities.
Take for instance, if council will be meeting with the unions on Monday or Tuesday, the ASUU and JAC congress will only come up in any of the following days. But it’s very important to know that their congress will be based on information about money and other agreement.
It should be noted that lecture will only start when *Asuu* suspend their strike. After this, the university senate will work on academic calendar and time table. But as for JAC, they can resume work instantly as soon as their demands are met.
Endeavor to be mindful of the stages I earlier listed in one of my previous piece. We are almost getting there. Keep the hope alive.
Oyedeji Ahmed

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