July 19, 2024

A Niger Delta Political and Social Commentators, Hon. Kennedy Orubebe has said that Nigeria will burn if “Buhari’s men” arrest Ex President Goodluck Jonathan.

The Ijaw leader who is one of the founding members of the Federated Niger Delta Izon Communities (FNDIC) and PANDEF, said this in Warri, Delta State on Sunday against the backdrop of the court serving the Former president subpoena that will compel him to appear in court to witness in the ongoing trial of former Publicity Secretary of Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP.

Orubebe said: “I vehemently say that for them to make any mistake of arresting Jonathan will not augur well for the present government. But we know that past Presidents and Heads of State in the country have committed a lot of atrocities against this country and nobody raised an eyebrow. I repeat if Buhari’s government makes any attempt to arrest President Jonathan, it will not be taken kindly particularly by the Ijaws. In fact, the country will burn.

“I know for sure that Buhari’s government will not arrest Jonathan. So, let’s leave it like that. But in case it happens, the entire Niger Delta will boil and Buhari will not be comfortable wherever he is. In fact, government should not think of that.

“Although Jonathan ignored his people when he was in power and developed the North, be that as it may, let this government remember that he (Jonathan) came from somewhere because he remains our son no matter what.

“If the government wants to make any arrest, they should start from the past Presidents and Heads of State that did something unconstitutional against this country. I remember that Chief Obasanjo’s name was mentioned in the Halliburton scandal; so, they should not think of arresting Dr. Jonathan because it will backfire seriously on them.”

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