June 21, 2024

A wonderful morning to our esteemed readers, welcome to the concluding part of the analysis of the happenings in the North Korea by our man Almustaqim Balogun. If you miss the first part, you can check it on our site here.
   The US strengthening its Pacific presence and positioning its most sophisticated surface to air defence system in South Korea to the opposition from China, coupled with DPRK increasing its missile capabilities at a faster pace not envisaged by military analyst. There has been no signs of backing down between the nations involved and the increase in rhetorics further propped up the tensions. It gets to the question; where is this getting to? Is diplomacy still opened or are we into an all out war? Russian president Vladimir Putin once said, the North Korea would rather ‘Eat grass’ than giving up their defence programme. This resonates to quite a lot of analysts. The current atmosphere has made a military confrontation highly likely, a missile defence error, downing of an adversary plane or shelling the adversary position may ignite what may turn out to be the largest 21st century catastrophe. This may bring regional powers into face off. China state news network suggest that China which borders North Korea will prevent a regime change, even if it is to directly engage the US. It’s highly possible as China won’t condone the presence of US troops on its border. The North also have allies in the Middle East such as Iran, Syria and non-state allies Hezbollah. These nations will be glad to offer logistic support to the Pyongyang. Russia is also a concerned party as it borders North Korea and also an ally of China won’t tolerate the expansion of the US to its borders as
NATO is already doing. Time will tell if it also choose to intervene. Looking at this analogy, it shows that a military confrontation would only exacerbate the crisis and have a far reaching effect. A need to look at other alternatives and get to the table.
   Diplomacy as the core principle of the UN and has gone a long way in averting crisis of all kind such as the Iranian nuclear program. Russia and China drafted a resolution “Double freeze” which should allow a pause in US. South Korea military drills and North Korea nuclear program. This was rejected by the US. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel have proposed a P5 + 2 similar to the Iran nuclear diplomacy, which will bring the major powers and aggrieved parties to the table for discussion. This proposal is under consideration and look promising.
   Mass immigration, climate change -such as heatwave – slides, earthquakes, Global economic crash down etc are consequences of a war. It’s worthy of concerned to all habitant, irrespective of geographical position, political affiliation etc to know that world with stability is our dream. We can’t afford to go back to the cold war era. Diplomacy should be the core and solution In addressing any nation grievances.

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