July 19, 2024
  1. Can we meet you?

Good morning, am by name Fafoluyi Olayinka Michael a. K. a Solace. A Graduate of Microbiology department, Faculty of Life Sciences. The first of four children of  Ayodeji Fafoluyi esq. The CEO Solace For All Nations an organization that deals with Veterinary services,  printing and also serves as NGO which focuses on  Talents which lack necessary financial backing to pursue their set goals and purpose yet willing to pursue it.


  1. How has life generally, starting from your childhood till now?

Even though it was not a smooth beginning worth of encomium, my background obviously has not put my back on the gound. I attended Rose Valley Nursery and Primary school in my early years and African Church Model College. During my primary school days, I was a prefect and also won the  award as the best student  in mathematics an award which still remains my cherished award because it is the propelling force to always do my best in any endeavor I embark on.

In my primary school days was also recognized as one of the students with best common entrance results in Lagos State.  In my secondary school days I was also part of the recognized Yoruba troupe which came third in the competition held in Lagos.


  1. You have been awarded bachelor’s degree by the University of Ilorin, tell us how you feel.

I feel grateful to God for sparing my life to also be part of leagues of University graduates in the world even though I believe it is not an assurance of a better tomorrow nor a pointer to a worst future but may God continue to ease all our Affairs.


  1. How have been your days at the end of Ilorin? Describe them in two sentences?

My days at the end of University of Ilorin has made me feel refreshed to restart another phase of my life and also felt there is still more expected by those who have always looked up to me to actually make the difference have always preached.


  1. You were a renowned and famous student politician in your faculty and student’s Union generally, what are the Post(s) held achievements and lessons learned?

I was a member of the parliament in the department of Microbiogy (the invisible sustaining the visible).  Member Audit committee National Association of Ondo State Students University of Ilorin chapter.  Deputy Speaker National Association of Ondo State Students University of Ilorin chapter. General Secretary National association of Ondo State Students University of Ilorin chapter. Member National association Ondo State Students National body parliament. Member National Association Kwara State students University of Ilorin chapter Fresher orientation committee. Member Faculty of Life Sciences Constitution Drafting Committee. Chairman Senate Committee on Information and Enlightenment Students Union University of Ilorin. Secretary of SU Senate committee on the bye-election of PRO Member Senate Committee on Ethics and Disciplinary students union University of Ilorin. Member PAN parliamentary program committee students union Senate council. Chairman communique drafting committee NANS/JCC KWARA AXIS. DEPUTY DIRECTOR MEDIA AND PUBLICITY NAKSS NATIONAL HARMONY WEEK. MEMBER ORGANISING UNIT REDEEM CHRISTIAN FOLLOW UNILORIN PS

Achievements include but not limited to


I learnt that only God is powerful and most powerful


  1. Were you ever immersed in any crisis, if yes briefly say what it was all about, lessons learned and how you got over it?

I was never involved in any crisis but have been called up to investigate various crisis within the university community

  1. What is the best thing you’re proud of? Your most regrettable action sir?

I am proud of my integrity during the course of my academic pursuit, my discernment and records have set in student struggle especially in an environment where not being an Ilorin indigene and a Muslim is a hindering factor to prominence before I Joined the student struggle but thank God I led the struggle that set the pace against religious and ethnic sentiments

My most regrettable action was not impeaching the 2014/2015 Senate President who fell below poor performance and was found guilty of financial misconduct and yet suspending the SU President who was about attempting same because I still see it as unfair judgement but thanks to former Sub Dean who was amazingly bias and selective in judgement especially when you are his.

  1. What do you like most in UNILORIN? And what do you think deserve(s) change?

The only thing I like about Unilorin is academic stability and the invisible sustaining the visible department, department of Microbiology.

The only thing that require change urgently have been changed and that is the Ex Sub Dean, Dr. A. Yusuf of student’s affairs and the other one yet unchanged is Mr. Hussein of students  affair whose adrenaline is amazingly pumping in the realm of biasness and interference in due process of student Union because the Union ought to be respected and if he wants to contribute to the dealing of the students he should obtain the UTME form and seek readmission into the university community as a duly matriculated student as only duly matriculated student can act according to the Student Union Compendium


  1. In the next 4 years, do you see yourself become a full politician?

If politics is about choice making I do not need to wait for the next four years as am already a full politician who might seek elective position in the next four years

  1. Parting words for the junior colleagues sir

To all students and junior colleagues in student politics, lay your hand on constitution governing your studentship, associations you belong as only those who don’t know the law won’t know their right and hence prone to threat and intimidation.

Don’t be carried away with things that won’t matter in the long run.. Let posterity be the driving force to your various conduct and act in fairness so that even when we get to heaven and there is no God, you won’t feel disappointed.

Never forget “Only God is powerful”


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