June 16, 2024

Like football is a unifying factor among Nigerians, SAVIKA bull-wrestling is also a unifying factor among the inhabitants of a highland in Madagascar.
Savika is a rodeo-like sport practiced by men of the Betsileo ethnic group in Madagascar. It is considered a rite of passage for young men who are ready to affirm they have attained manhood.
Markedly, we won’t be wrong if we submit that it is a fight for love. It is a fight for marriage. Should one emerge victorious, one becomes a hero, by extension, one stands the chance of winning a heart- a wife.
Notably, this brings all and sundry together. It hosts the wealthy in the community as it also parades bevy of ladies.
It is fascinating to note that having radio/television set in this community is a rarity. This also explains the reason bull wrestling enjoys an unprecedented fame and fancy among the dwellers of the highland in Madagascar.
However, two of the lessons that seem to be internalised in this dangerous mission are UNITY and LOVE. From the foregoing, it is conspicuous that the sport brings all  cadre of people inhabiting the community together. Also, it is a game of love, whereby the wrestlers wins the heart of their prospective wives.
If one could stare into the eyes of death because of love, wouldn’t it be wise of one to respectfully and lovingly treat such love?


To the married ones: treat your woman wifely. Show true love mixed with unparalleled attention and care.
To the single ones: you’ll get married someday. Learn on how to be a responsible husband and father.



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