June 19, 2024

Popular Comedian, Pa Moses Olaiya pupolarly addressed as ‘Baba Sala’ is still ‘hale and hearty’, his son Biosala Adejumo has said.

The rumour of the death of the veteran actor emerged on the social media early on Wednesday.

But Adejumo told News Agency of Nigeria that although his father was frail as could be expected of anyone of his age, “he is hale and hearty.

“Baba Sala is alive so, please save your condolences. My father is over 80 years old and is frail, due to illnesses associated with old age but he is alive.

“My father is peacefully enjoying his life in Ijesa and he does not have stroke either.”

Adejumo advised the public to always desist from quickly reacting to information emanating from the social media, noting that information on the social media could be misleading.

He advised bloggers to always carry thorough investigations and seek clarifications from relevant authorities before posting information on social media.

“Most bloggers or online reporters are not seasoned journalists. They just post things to attract the inflow of traffic to their sites,” Adejumo said.

NAN reports that Baba Sala also rumoured to have died some months ago was born on May 18, 1936. He is hailed from Ijesha, Osun.

He is an ace actor and a musician, dramatist and a comedian. He could be described as one of the fathers if not even the grandfather of the modern Nigerian comedians.


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