April 14, 2024

Teachers, students and passers-by were left scampering and running for their lives on Friday when the students of St. Charles High School and Ifeoluwa Government Middle school started bloody fight among themselves.

The fight which is a reprisal attack started at about 12pm, led to two students injured while several others fled the school leaving their materials behind.

According to a student of St Charles simply identified as Alfa, the “students of Ifeoluwa have gone to hire the students hoodlum from both Baptist High school and Ansar-ud-deen High school to unleash trouble on us.

“As we were moving towards the mosque, we saw some people who dressed in mufti and they came with cutlass, axe and other weapons to fight us. The issue actually started on Wednesday when a student of Ifeoluwa who have been severally caught extorting money from students of St. Charles was cautioned by us but his brother threatened us on that day and he attempted to wreck havoc on students yesterday.

When the correspondence of Insight Media visited the two schools that share boundary, many students were seen with several weapons ranging from pebbles, clubs,  cutlasses and axes.

Another student form St. Charles said “Baale and one other guy have been injured by Olamide (pointing to a guy in black shirt at the center of the scene). Olamide and Emir are students of Baptist High School”

Information from the only teacher met at the scene made it known that other teachers ran from the schools when they sensed the trouble and this is not the second time such a bloody clash will be happening among the students of both schools.

He thereby urges the government to strengthen the security of their working environment to aid effectiveness.


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