June 16, 2024
You may call this a piece of jangory, but it’s nothing but the voice of my thoughts,which without an air of contempt, is the truth.
Fellow Nigerians!
When will Nigeria become that nation we are dreaming of?
When will Nigeria become Developed?
Nigeria is that nation that’s always being referred to as a “Developing-Country”, despite its ripe years, and  just like the “Jesus-Is-Coming” saying, it has become a memory verse.
Take Ghana as an example, Ghana  depends on Nigeria for electricity generation and supply but now celebrates cogent years of uninterrupted electricity supply. But here in our dear “developing nation”, we pay electricity bills and yet we praise PHCN when they dispense their duties. Kids in my poor neighborhood would shout “Up Nepa” when they supply electricity, rather than protesting whenever they cut short it’s supply without notification. No wonder they refer to us as “good people, great nation” since when a Nigerian says “the boy is good” it literally means that “he is prodigal”. And probably No wonder Jesus wept.
The difference between the poor and the rich nation is not the available natural and mineral resources.
I know you might be wondering why? Keep calm and read along.
Let’s take three countries as case studies.
 JAPAN: Japan has limited territory, it is 80% mountainous, unsuitable for agriculture or farming, but it  statistically ranks second in worlds economy. How? The country is like an immense floating factory, importing raw materials from the whole world and exporting manufactured products. Sounds easy right?
 SWITZERLAND: Switzerland does not grow cocoa but produces the best chocolates in the world. In her small territory, she rears animals and cultivates the land only for four months in a year, but nevertheless manufactures the best milk products. The country is a small one which is an image of security. This has made it house the world bank.
 NIGERIA: Nigeria – my country, we possess a huge land mass that is rich in natural and mineral resources to a gratifying extent Yet,the economic state isn’t favorable.
You might wonder why, here is the reason. Petroleum belongs to us, yet we experience consistent hike in oil prices. No wonder the Americans ranked us the 2nd most corrupted country in the world.I repeat, No wonder Jesus Wept. The basic and social amenities of the country is nothing to write home about, to the extent that most citizens want to relocate to greener pastures.
Isaac Newton, during his fulfilling days postulated some laws, and his third law of motion States and I quote “ACTION AND REACTION ARE EQUAL BUT OPPOSITE”.
Therefore, for every problem, there is an equal/sufficient solution.
The perceived and viable solution to the challenges serving as the Achilles heel of this country lies in the quote below.
 “Nigeria will never develop until it’s citizens are thoughtful to be committed and patriotic to the extent of addressing public affairs as their own personal affairs because the effort of the government alone can never be enough. That’s frankly the best and only solution to all our societal problems”.
With this, you will agree with me without any iota of doubt that it’s pertinent for we all as people to contribute our quota to national development with the best of our ability.
In simpler words, the change we desire lies with us, in short, it is us!!!
I’m not ANONYMOUS, I’m that same BLUNT-FECUND advocate of progress and development. I’m OneForAll, am Babawale J. Popoola and my articles are my messages.
Written by: BABBYJAY
OneForAll, Nigeria.

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