June 16, 2024

Olajire Otunla, an Ibadan businessman has taken his life at SW8/634 on Ososami/Oke-Ado road in Ibadan metropolis on Sunday.

The father of four did not leave suicide note but his wife Mrs. Monisola Otunla attributed his death to the debt of N300,000 he was owning.

Mrs. Otunla, a food vendor who could not hold back tears stated that:”My husband was a trader who deals in men’s underwears, he was a very hardworking man. He did not go to where he sells his wares today so he was indoors.

“At about 1:30pm, I went upstairs to drop some of the kitchen utensils I used and start preparation for tommorow’s business as my shop is located downstairs. I knocked the door to our rooms, there was no response, that was when I raised the alarm and the neighbours joined me to forcefully open the door only to get in inside the bedroom to find his lifeless body with rope around his neck tied to the window burglary protection iron rods”.

Asked whether she had an idea of what could led to his husband’s action, Mrs Otunla, said:”Although, he has not been sharing series of challenges he was facing, but I am aware of the fact that he was owing the sum N300,000. Maybe that was what prompted him to take his life because he did not leave a suicide note”.

One of his children, Bolade Otunla, told the the Newsmen that:”I just got a call from someone that I should come home right away that my father has taken his own life. This is so shocking, I still cannot comprehend what could led to his action”.

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