June 20, 2024

Nollywood actor, Kunle Remi has fired back at those that call him Adesua’s Ex-boyfriend and expressed his unhappiness over the unwanted title.

Adesua Etomi who recently got married to hip hop star, Bankole Wellington (Banky W) in the much-talked about wedding ceremony.

The actor expressed this while chatting with Saturday beat.

He said “The main reason I put out a statement about people referring to me as Adesua Etomi’s ex-boyfriend was basically because of the way they have been addressing me. I don’t have a problem with what they say about me because it does not move me because it comes with the job. What I am against is the way they address me. I have worked hard for my name so it is really important to me. You can say anything you want to say about me but please address me as Kunle Remi. I would not want anyone to overshadow my name with another title.

“On the onset, I congratulated Adesua who is my friend but I did not do it publicly so that people would not start talking. I kept quiet after that mainly because of the respect I have for the couple. I would have been callous if I had said anything while she was preparing for her marriage. I have realised that anything I post, people always read a different meaning to it. I would not let anyone hinder me from posting because someone is happy, I am also happy. I have a very beautiful girlfriend but I don’t put my relationship on the social media. If I had done that, the bloggers would have probably taken her picture and compared her with Adesua. If they want to talk about me, they should but they should not give me a label that is not mine.

“Adesua and I never had a relationship, we only acted together in a movie and we had a good chemistry together. It was the same way I watched the film, Wedding Party and I said to myself, Banky W and Adesua look really good together. We are actors and we have to make our roles look very real. It is the same way people watched our film and said we looked good together and people started the rumour that we were an item. I am waiting for someone to bring out a video where I said I dated Adesua. I never said it and neither did Adesua. My name is Kunle Remi and even if the story is bad please use my name and not refer to me as ‘Adesua’s ex’.”

“My girlfriend and I are very happy and she knows the nature of my job and that is why we stay away from the media. The moment I reveal my girlfriend, you would start hearing all sorts of stories. It is not worth it. I posted a picture and people went to town with the story that I have a child. But the child is even my sister’s child,” he said.

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