June 21, 2024

President Muhammadu Buhari’s son, Yusuf Buhari, will be flown out of the country to Germany for treatment, according to report by The Cable.

It was also reported that the president’s son was involved in an accident in Abuja on Wednesday, Tuesday, December 26 and is receiving treatment at Cedacrest hospital.

The presidency in a statement had said Yusuf was in a stable condition but The Cable reports that sources said he was still in intensive care unit.

The source said: “The statement did not reflect the true situation of things. The boy is in a critical condition. He has been in the intensive care unit.

“Some doctors in the hospital were even scared to attend to him just in case anything went wrong. Imagine doctors being scared to perform their duty. He is the only son of the president.”

The source said plans were being made to get an air ambulance to take Yusuf to Germany for further treatment.

However, doctors reportedly advised against moving him in his current state as it may be dangerous to do so.

The source said: “The last time they mentioned flying him abroad for better treatment, the medical team advised them against it because the boy needs to be in a good condition before he leaves.

“But they do not seem to be satisfied with the advice and they are seriously considering flying him out.”

It was reported that former vice president, Atiku Abubakar reacted to news of Yusuf Buhari’s accident saying his family will be praying for him.

Reliable sources said Yusuf was out riding with a friend when the incident happened. A source said: “Yusuf was trying to overtake his friend when he suddenly veered off the road and skidded. He lay there unconscious for a while before the first lady was alerted.

“She ordered that he be immediately rushed to Cedarcrest Hospital, where he is currently receiving treatment. We are more concerned about the head injury than the fractures. As I speak to you, Yusuf is unconscious.


Credits : TheCable

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