June 19, 2024

The orientation camp of National Youth Service Corps, Kano state was on Friday evening hit with crisis when the chief commandant of the camp allegedly beat some corps members.

The said commandant was immediately decamped by his superior (General commandant) in the as a measure to avoid a bigger chaos at the camp

Insight Media gathered that the ugly situation started when some Coppers were seen at the popular Maami market near the camp in the evening chatting with their female colleagues. The Chief Commandant on sighing them reportedly descended on the guys with the touch that he was hold and beat him until other coppers could no longer condole the maltreatment.

According to a corps member who does not want her mentioned “the crisis here has escalated, coppers have damaged s lots of things during the protest. In fact it has become a battle field tonight. The protest is inevitable as the beating was too much.

“The treatment meted out against is uncivil and totally undeserved by graduates that we are. While situation of things too is very bad. No good food, water and the military man are still treating us like criminals. All what the soldiers want is parade, even when someone is ill. We cannot continue like this and the protest is still ongoing.”

“The soldier who involved in the act was decamped by the General Commandant in charge of the camp as a measure to the crisis.

The audio obtained by our correspondent revealed the chants of ‘no more parade’ by the Coppers.


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