June 21, 2024

A popular priest and a good governance advocate from Akwa Ibom State, Rev Richard Peters has rejected the appointment made yesterday by the President and called on the National Assembly to suspend the appointees citing many issues.

Rev Peters made the comment on his Facebook page with

Rev’d Richard Peters on Saturday.
He alleged that the appointments were not made by the President but by Sen Ita Enang who according to him is a confused aide who goes about the radio station to call a governor a ‘disaster’

Read what he wrote;

”I reject the appointments made yesterday by Ita Enang, if the Appointments were made by the President his name should have been written and addressed as  Muhammadu Buhari GCFR not ‘Muhammadu Buhari GCON’ as released by a confused SSA to the President on National Assembly matters Ita Enang, who doesnt even know his job, all he does is to go to the Radio Station and call a sitting governor a ‘Disaster’.”

“I once wrote an open letter to the president to call him to order. ”

“To me I feel that the appointments didn’t follow due process, that is why the federal government encourage ghost chairmanship, you see dead people’s name as chairmen of boards.”

“They dumbed the youths, hoping to use them as thugs by 2019.”

“How many were appointed? APC we are wiser than you.”
“In Akwa Ibom state, about 27 people has been appointed, I appreciate whoever appointed them and congratulate the appointees but all these people are retired politicians, of which the presidency feels that they can be used to secure Akwa Ibom state for APC.”

“Let Abuja know that in Akwa Ibom state APC is not known.”

“I’ll defend the people’s party with my blood. Even though am not a party man”

Ita Enang, Nsima Ekere, J.J. Udoedehe and others should all go and rest, their market doesn’t record sales again.

I call on the National Assembly to Suspend the appointments made yesterday until due process is followed.

I’m Rev Richard Peter

Good Governance Advocate”

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